Not sure if this is normal, seems like they missed an area of roofing lol


We recently purchased this home with new roof installation completed day before purchase. We noticed this last week on our roof which seems odd but was explained by the roofer to us that it was cap sheeting and done because of the slope and area of roof and that its more expensive than shingles. All the homes in our neighborhood have similar roofs and I haven’t seen one roof with this yet in our neighborhood. This area also happens to be above the garage corner where water seeped into the block wall during the last storm. I’m also a little concerned this does not conform to HOA by laws since it’s not the same color as the shingles on the roof. Attached is a picture of this area, any help would be appreciated in explaining this area and why it was done this way.



The roofer is trying to pull your leg. Cap sheet or not, this is a crummy installation. What he didn’t say was that he didn’t have any ice and water underlayment and figured putting cap or mod bit in that spot wouldn’t be noticed. I’d also question his roof to wall flashing detail for the shingles.


The roofer is coming later today to look at the area. Thank you for the replies and educating me, hopefully they agree to make the proper repairs. We live just outside of Tampa, FL - one thing that puzzles me is a wind mitigation inspection report was done and inspection by county performed for permit after roof was completed and neither inspector mentioned this so I guess this is acceptable or they did not really inspect?


Thank you for your reply, very helpful!


Thank you for your reply, great info and very helpful!


I am gonna be the one guy here to defend the roofer. That area is a “dead valley” it needed some kind of flat roofing material (not shingles +ice and water shield). He could have gotten a better color match though. Also I would suspect there is flashing under the stucco


Here’s an angle where the water drains down maybe this will help, the flashing (painted) also appears to be in the channel just above the roofing. I also noticed when walking across the street an area of the roof on the opposite side has the same thing. See pictures below which may help. The job cost the prior homeowner $15000 and warranty transfers to us (closed on home 1 day after roof installation). Figured $15000 they could at least match the shingle color instead of the stucco color.




If that is what should be used in “dead valley areas” shouldn’t it at least be shingles up to some distance before the dead valley area not the entire area shown - aesthetically I think that would look right and hopefully be right.


Dead valleys are kinda a design flaw. Its where lots of water is channeled into a small area. Yes it would look better if done with more shingles but as for performance its better to have it done as is. Dead valleys are an area where you have to sacrifice form for function imo. But as said it could have been done with a better color match cap sheet.


Do you have a copy of the contract?. What did he spec? What color did the previous owner sign off on?


Agree with Islandroofing that it is a dead valley.
I wouldn’t put Ice and water shield and shingles
on that low slope.
The one side looks less than a 1/12
This material was Required!!!
And city inspected. Twice i assure you!
And they are more stringent
Than anywhere in the united states…

Also, no one makes the proper modified bitumen to match that shingle color.
Since i knew i needed to do this dead valley
I would guide the customer toward the shingle color that i knew i can match with the limited available modified bitumen colors.

If there is a mountain of water hitting that walls corner than i would run my modified bitumen up the side wall so the water doesnt soak into a old deteriorating, cracking stucco.


Thank you all for your roofing expertise - the roofer came by and was very receptive to our concerns, even offered to change color for that area but as mentioned in replies nothing matches shingle color. He even drove me around our development to find similar houses with these areas that had same type of work done - found some homes with shingles in these areas but they looked really worn and a couple even had different color shingles from I guess repairs. One house had sheeting that matched the shingles and one house had white sheeting with dark shingles so I’ll stick with the tan color lol to match the stucco at least. He was apologetic seeing the water stains in the garage and told me they would fix it completely even it means ripping up the roofing in that area to find leak and doing it again. He was knowledgeable and understanding to our situation and not the least bit offended being questioned.


Roofer is correct, although a color matched cap sheet would be nicer! It’s a snow pan in our neck of the woods, or dead valley it’s called in wormer parts of the world. Shingles would be inappropriate in that spot. As long as the flashing is up the wall properly (and the stucco wall can make that difficult) then it’s fine.