New step flashing, old counter flashing


The roofers chose not to remove the old counter flashing when they did my roof. They bent it up so they could put the new step flashing underneath the counter flashing. Now the old counter flashing is bent and doesn’t look good. What are some solutions for this particular issue? Thanks in advance for your help and consideration.


Yeah it really should have been replaced. Do you have any contact with your roofer. It should have been brought to your attention before he did the job and at the very least let you decide if you want it changed (at an additional cost) or not.


The first thing is to replace the aluminum step flashing with the same type of metal as the counter flashing.


As axiom just said, more concerning is the mill finished aluminum step flashing up against masonry chimney and under what appears to be copper counter flashing. Masonry eats bare aluminum as does copper and other dissimilar metals so they will be affected from both sides. If step counter flashings are in good shape and care is taken by a skilled roofer they can be reused and look good. By the way the roofer left the counters and considered it acceptable, I don’t think he is the guy you want cutting your chimney and installing new copper step counters.


I do still have contact with the roofer. But I agree, I’m not sure I want him doing the work based on the experience I’ve had so far. Do I have any recourse?


I actually meant “contract” (not contact lol). Was gonna ask what it said about replacing flashing.


That roofer should have known someone was going ro complain about that.
Come on now.


He will come back and put some white zip screw in it. Could have been alot worse the guy could have spread muck or aluminum coating all over the counters and brick to “seal it”. Be happy the guy didn’t do anything non reversible.


He said he wants to use a term bar to secure it… thoughts?

Also, how serious of an issue is it that the counter flashing is copper, the step flashing is aluminum and the chimney is brick/masonry?

I had a chimney expert give me an estimate… to drill out the counter flashings and replace them, I’m looking at $1500-2000. The chimney has flashing and the side of my house where my “office” juts out from the main part of the house also has flashing running up the side… they did the same thing there too, so both would need to be drilled out and replaced.

Are there any “easy” fixes that won’t compromise the integrity of the seal?


Could I have them do something like this over top of the flashings that are already there?


IMO you should have the guy that will cut out the old and install new do it.

$1,500 - $2K for the work isn’t a bad price, the last time I bought 16oz copper it was $7 sq/ft.

Each copper step flashing costs $4-$5 depending on how big they are.


Are you sure the existing counter flashing is copper? It doesn’t look like it to me in the pic (but I could be wrong). While I doubt you’d have any leaks with some tern bar installed to pull in all the flashing in tight, I do consider it a cheap and cheesy fix. Did you get any other quotes? If so was this a cheaper quote? If he was then you got what you paid for with the tern bar flashing imo, but if he wasn’t I wouldn’t accept it.


The guy says he uses brushed copper aluminum, so I imagine his material costs are lower than you anticipate


I’m not sure… but I assume it’s original to the house which was built in the 50s. Copper was a popular material in upstate NY at the time.

And no, this was not the cheapest quote I received.


The cheapest and best fix, other than replacing the counter flashings, might just to be swap out the aluminum step flashings with copper ones and rivit the existing counter flashings to the steps to pull them in. Term bar would look like crap.

You could switch from stepped counter flashings to straight counters like in the picture to save some labor, but they might get pretty big to cover the old stepped ones. In our pricing it is an extra 13$ per lf for stepped counters vs straight.

Whatever you do use copper, any detailed work like that is 90 percent labor so so trying to save 100$ Using inferior materialon a 2000$ job is not worth it. As of last week copper was going for 3.50 lb/sqft for 16.oz.


*Inferior material on a 2000$ job… Sorry for correction I phone driving me crazy


Thank you for your honest opinion