New Rubber roof- was this done right?


Put in late last year. Had a huge thunderstorm last week and it poured into my house ruing the ceilings on 2 floors. A friend went up to see what was happening and took over 200 pictures. This is what some of it looks like. Does this look like a job worth 15,000? This is a flat roof with an internal drain.!


Short answer is no it is not right. The wall detail is completely wrong. Post some more pictures with imgur and people will help you with specifics.


I think from the first Picture, I don’t need to see the rest. I see cured cover tape used for termination. Not fully adhered on the walls. This installer was an amateur.


Trust me- the rest are just as bad. And he is trying to tell me mortar dust and leaves clogged the drain. My friend went up on the roof in the storm to see what was happening and said only a few leaves around the box they put over the drain. My roof is big- 26 by @ 86. They put a 2 inch pipe into the drain. And left it like this with a metal box with a grate over it.


Sorry- not on Imgur. I’ll see how to do that. But this is a corner detail they did


You got hosed. Lawsuit time.


Yep. Thanks you - Obviously I am not a roofer and I wasn’t sure if it was my perception, so I wanted to hear what people who do know, said. I really appreciate you responding.


Details look horrible. 1 2" drain is completely undersized for 2200sq ft. Was the drain always that size?


No. My neighbor who used to go up on the roof periodically to make sure the drain was clear says it is smaller now.The original cast iron pipe from he basement to the roof is 4 inches, then there is a copper pipe inside that and a 2 inch inside that, that opens onto the roof.


Not only that, but the rubber is sagging on all sides and the box on the roof is the old drain cover they reused instead of putting in a new drain.




They installed epdm like it was modified bitumen. Did they tear off the whole roof off?. Insulation or recovery board should have been installed everywhere that was getting epdm. The epdm should be glued tightly everywhere. Personally I would have not used epdm on that roof with all of the parapet walls.

My biggest concern is where is the water is going? With that tiny drain and a roof surrounded by walls, in a heavy rain the drain will not handle the volume. You will have thousands of pounds of water collecting on the roof.

My guess would be they dropped a 2" retrofit drain into the 4" pipe. If it is not sealed and the pipe backs up, water will back up under the roof.

You have a major mess on your hands.


They did put insulation under there I saw these big rubber match and the water is pooling exactly like you said. I’ve no idea where it was actually coming in around the drain but gallons poured into my dining room and Studio. Can you tell me what you would have used on that roof? And no they did not tear off the old roof . he told me that they looked and that it was fine to put the rubber on.


We are old school. We would have not sold with out tearing it off. With the brick walls i would have used either 1 or 2 ply of torch down modified bitumen over mechanically fastened heavy weight ventilated base sheet . Did they put insulation on the sides and top of the parapet walls? It sure looks like they glued the rubber right on top of the old roof and the glue failed.


From what I can tell, that’s what they did. Glued it down. How long would a bitumen roof last?


EPDM is a fine product for flat roofs, WHEN INSTALLED CORRECTLY. Sorry you hired a crew of hacks.


Me too. Will be contacting the recommendation sites too and leaving reviews. :’-(


Best of luck, post an update if/when they or someone else fixes that mess. That drain is likely the worst leaker.


Thank you, I will. I very much appreciated the advice here.


Any flat roof only lasts as good as the install is, it doesn’t matter what product you use, it is all in the details. I personally prefer modified over single ply, epdm or tpo, when there are a lot of details like you have on your roof. When we say details we are referring to flashing details, walls, corners, chimneys ECT.

Not sure who designed your roof but they should be shot. With only the one drain You need to be extremely vigilant keeping it clear. If that pipe cloggs you have tens of thousands of pounds of water sitting on top of you house.