New roof vs. adding on to existing roof


We are planning a home addition/remodel. Our current roof was replaced 9 years ago. With the new layout of the remodel, one of the biggest complications has been dealing with the over-spanned 2x4 rafters and trying to match the rafter tails at the eaves.
The question is, does it make more sense to demo the existing roof and start with a clean slate verses using sister rafters and other spacial arrangements to tie the new roof to the existing one? I know this will cost more to do, but will it result in a significantly better roof (i.e. safer, dryer, etc.)? We have had no issues thus far with our current roof.


Your questions are good ones but not simply answered on here. I Would recommend discussing them with your architect, general contractor, and your Roofer.

Best advice I can give you is to use an actual roofer to install your roof. General contractors don’t always like that, say they will nail on the shingles, or hire some subs to do it. Not saying all cg’s are like that but many just want to do it as cheap as they can to maximize profit and don’t fully understand roofing and more importantly flashing and details.