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Hello, I had a roof replaced yesterday. When I looked at the roof today, I noticed that some of the shingles are not laying flat. I have attached some photos. Does this appear to be an issue with the shingles being butted too tightly? Or does this seem to be something that will lay flat once the weather heats up and the shingles adhere? The roof was done in 50 degree weather. I have not paid for the work yet and want to make sure everything is okay before doing so. Thanks in advance to those who take the time to reply.


Things look fine to me. Well, the chimney flashing could have been done more athesticly pleasing but its on par with an average roofers work. Yes the shingles will flatten down in time with some hot weather.


Those shingles will lay flat. Right out of the bundle they tend to keep that shape and could take up to a couple weeks this time a year.


Thank you both for your replies. That makes me feel better. I guesss worse case if they don’t lay flat then I will just have to follow up with the contractor to take a look at it then. But it sounds promising that it should resolve on its own. Thanks again.


if you had the roof only replaced yesterday it will take anywhere from a couple of days to a month to settle right. Depending on the shingles usually, IKO has a harder time settling down. Don’t worry about it, should settle down pretty soon.


Standard asphalt shingles feature an adhesive strip that softens during warm weather, especially when the sun’s rays hit the roof directly. When the shingles heat up, they become flexible and the adhesive bonds the shingles in place. Before new shingles seal down, they can look a little lumpy and uneven, but once the roof gets hot enough, they should soften, flatten and form a permanent seal. Sometimes this problem is more apparent on north-facing roof slopes that don’t heat up sufficiently for the shingles to seal until summer. Usually this isn’t a major issue, but if you live in an area that is very windy, your roofer can apply temporary adhesive to prevent the wind from catching the edge of the unsealed shingles and blowing them off.


That is just something that is going to fit in time.

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Depending upon the type of shingle that they have used it will take time to for the shingle to settle down.Just wait till the weather warms up a bit.


I hope your roof is now settled properly. Actually I am also planning to install new roof in my house this year a it has some leakage problem.


It seems to be okay… It’ll settle down soon. If it takes a long time to settle down, then you can think of redoing it.


Roof looks fine. Needs time to seal.


if you are interested in getting the roof, check out reviews for metal roofing and ETFE roofing as they are popular these days.


Most asphalt roof shingles need at least a week to settle flat. In colder weather, it may take longer.