New roof did not pass inspection


Get ready for court. One additional concern that you may not notice yet is asphalt displacement. This occurs when the pallets of shingles are stacked to high. The weight squishes the asphalt. After a few thermal movement cycles of expansion and contraction the shingles get more and more “wavy” due to the inconsistency of the asphalt layer. Sue the hell out of them for the entire roof, the loss of decking reusable cycles, and your trouble. Guys like this give the good guys a bad name and make it impossible for us to make a living with their low cost shity work.


Thanks DaddyD. Now they want to come out and replace 50% of the roof shingles. Slice the felt to remove the wrinkles. The wrinkles are all over the roof. That’s a lot of slicing. I’ve read this method is more prone to roof leaks. They came out a couple of weeks ago with HD shingles. I told their roofer that my shingles were “Natural Shadow”. He was told that I had HD shingles. So repair had to be rescheduled. Didn’t even tarp the roof leak that I have. It’s a disaster.


If they are taking the shingles off to slice the felt common sence would be to replace the felt, not that your roofer seems to have any common sence. It is common to slice a wrinkle or two to prevent ripples in the finished product. The idea of removing the shingles, having th felt full of nail holes and tears, and the to slice it up totally negates the purpose of having underlayment in the first place. Have you spoken to your local building inspector about your situation, assuming the roofer pulled a permit?. I would run there “solution” past the building inspector because in my mind that does not meet code.


Sounds like you are well on the right track.
Yes, you corrected a disaster when you caught the HD/ natural shadow difference.
Good job!
Also the roofers are correct in how to solve the issue.
to remove the shingles in the areas where the felt needs to be sliced.
Now the company has learned they should have done that in the first place.


I agree with MPA. These wrinkles are all over the roof. When only 20% of the roof may pass as being correctly installed, I think it should be reroofed. MPA, I highly doubt these people pulled a permit. I didn’t know at the time but I was responsible for any accidents that occurred on this job. Here is a pic from yesterday (left side of the house):

My neighbor said it looks like the movie “Tremors”, where those monsters are under the ground. Haha


Those seem to be the outline of the plywood sheeting. I don’t think the issue is in the felt as its too uniform.


That is clearly the decking showing through, someone else will have to tell you why. Did they replace all the decking on this side? Some? None?

As a homeowner, at this point you need to tell them they have to A) rip everything off on every side that has any issues at all (so, everything basically) and start over and get it right and after an INDEPENDENT inspection confirms its right, they will get the rest of the money or B) they can choose to leave and you will see them in court.

Personally, I would make “A” so onerous that they choose to leave. Let me be the one that breaks it to you: they will NEVER do a good job and you will NEVER be happy, you are wasting your time here. It’s happened to us all. It is the worst, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet. It took me a long time to realize this. Time to fold em.

Throw them off the job, get a new roofer. What does your insurance company say about all this mess (they just cut a check and its your problem?) and what does the building inspector say about all this (you have a permit right?)