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Hey Guys

Homeowner here. I’ve got shingles on my Southern California roof. Recent rains caused some leakage problems, so I called the insurance company. Adjuster came out and pretty much said I need a new roof due to wear/tear and aging.

So here I am debating between standing seam metal or shingle roof.
Besides the high cost of metal roofs, my other concerns are condensation and walk-ability. Don’t want to cave/dent the metal in every time someone goes up there to do something. Can metal roofs be installed flushed with the underlayment or does it have to be elevated slightly? If applied flush, then how will the moisture problem be tackled?

If I just stick to asphalt shingles, what are the top 3 cool roof brands? What’s the best synthetic underlayment money can buy for either asphalt or metal roofs? And having a vented ridge, good or bad idea? One roofer told me vented ridge are prone to water intrusion.

Part of the reason why I like metal is the many color options and it’s naturally reflective. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



I am not a standing seam fan but many are. Look at cement covered steel, such as Roser, or Brava Tile. Roser will provide some additional insulating qualities and should be about the same price as standing seam. I’m a huge fan of Brava Tile but it will be more money. Go to If you want to see some pictures.

If you have sufficient ridge, no reason that ridge vent won’t work if you find a quality installer. Cross the guy off the list who apparently can’t install it without leaking.


Hey Roma,
If you’re going to go the expense of a new roof check out Atlas Roofing materials and consider putting on a Class 4 shingle. Why Atlas? Well Atlas is the only company in the industry with Lifetime protection from Algae (that black stuff that streaks roofs), no other company can offer it because Atlas designed and patented it. Atlas is also the only Limited Lifetime Shingle. Now, as for Class 4 if you’re going to go the expense of putting on a new roof why not get the insurance discount, up to 20% depending on the insurance company. Besides, I’ve yet to find a warranty that beats Atlas.

Former CA and OK insurance agent who jumped ship and sells roofing now in Oklahoma. Trust me, you won’t be sorry with the Atlas products.
here’s their website and you can search for a roofer from their site who specializes in Atlas Products so they know how to lay it.


While you’re at it go with Ridge Venting, trust me it’s wonderful, added it to my roof almost 4 years ago and it saves me tons on my Electric bill in the summer.


Hi. Imo standing seam is much better value than a shingle roof. Yes they cost more $ but will be cheaper in the long run (provided the install is done correctly). They are much more difficult to install around detailed areas than shingles.

Yes s.s. can be installed directly on solid decking and no, that does not cause a condensation issue. I would agree to use a synthetic underlayment (so it doesn’t stick to the metal when it gets hot) but as for what brand once the roof is installed its irrelevant. In certain conditions I even find it acceptable to run a layer of underlayment over an old shingle roof and then lay new s.s.


P.s. I install ridge vent on probably 95% (if not higher) of my jobs. I never had a call back for a ridge vent issue ever.



Seems like closest Atlas dealer from me is in Utah and I’m in the Los Angeles area. Any other brands? How bout malarkey and Owens Corning? Thanks


Do you recommend any specific vented ridge brands and style to install? I’m talking about the plastic piece that goes over the ridge opening.



I use certainteed shingle vent II. No issues even with feet of snow packed on it.


This one


Yeah thats the one.
I also use a duraflo product where applicable.
Molded plastic vent with exterior baffles is what you want.


Question: does ridge have to be cut end to end or just far enough to leave 1 feet intact on both ends?


We leave about a 1’ at the ends solid wood. Most houses here have overhangs, we just dont cut the ply on them.


Yes mine does as well so that makes sense. Just cut out only the part that has attic directly beneath.

And if I were to go with shingles, any specific brand recommendations? I can get OC, malarkey, certainteed, etc etc I’m looking for a cool roof solution. Gets really hot here in the summer.


I have no experience with cools roofs but those all are quality brands you have listed.


Good Morning Roma & Everyone else,
The nice thing about roofing material is it can be ordered by the roofer. The website (Atlas) shows roofers that have “qualified” with enough installations to be listed on the website, just because one isn’t listed in your area doesn’t mean they can’t get the material or don’t do installations. Call around to roofers in your area and ask them. Ridge-vent comes in a roll, it’s pretty standard as far as I know. Trust me, I’m in Tornado Alley and my Atlas Pinnacle Pristine handles our high winds, snow and heat beautifully. When the contractor I work for did my roof he also did about 75% of the roofs in our neighborhood, we had a storm come through last summer with straight line winds that damaged a lot of roofs in a few towns. After the storm I jumped in the truck and drove around looking at the roofs. All the Atlas roofs held up with no issues, the other guys had damage and we repaired a lot of those. If you give me an email address I’ll send you a brochure. You can email me at


Roma, im deeply impressed with your knowledge.
Yes, there Is a problem with metal condensating and It does need to be addressed.
Do not install SS over bare decking with just synthetic underlayment. heck no!!!
None of them are a good water barrier!!!
There are several ways to address the problem.

  1. Use ice and water shield underlayment.
  2. Use ice and water shield along with batton strips.
    3 install quality felt directly over shingle roof and install.
  3. Install insulation board over shingles and install.

If you choose shingles, choose the Malarky!!
Stay away from owens cornings Duration series at all cost even if they are free.
Owens corning does make the very best ridge vent.
Owens corning " sure vent"
Most bold, robust, strongest attractive looking vent
Actually improves the look of the home.
Dont use that ridgevent in a roll trash.
It looks horrible.
Roofers use it because it installs really fast with their nail guns.
Yes, only cut the holes in ridge where there is attic space.
but DO go all the way end to end with the vents for cosmetic purposes. To make your house look great!

Also make sure the ridge vent hole is not cut too wide!!! I make sure mine is no wider than 2 to 2 1/2 inches wide total.

Many roofers have been cutting 2 inches off each side of the ridge due to manufactuer instructions and they have lots of trouble…


Thanks very much for the tip. I’ve been researching a lot on roofing the past 2 weeks or so…LOL I could practically get up there and do the job myself if I’m willing to risk a back surgery after.

Im leaning back towards shingles at this point, metal seems to be more trouble than it looks. And yes I like malarkey shingles and their wide patented nailing zone. Although I’m getting a roofer to do the install, I’m personally buying all the necessary materials from a local small business who’s been selling roofing materials for decades. Not Lowes or HD.

This way I can buy the best materials, get the job done right and still save some cash in my pocket.