New here, care to critique my new site?


If you care to read, a little about me:

Second generation roofer, Dad’s been doing roofing since before I was born, 40 years out of a California Union. 26 now with close to 11 consecutive years in the business, with only once working at Macy’s for 3 months.

Hopefully I can get along with y’all!

Thank you.


Hi Jonathan,

Your site needs more content. you may get a few ideas checking out some of the other roofing sites out there. You are welcome to check out mine
It’s a work in progress but you may be able to glean an idea or 2.


Hi Jonathan!

You did well by asking for reviews. As the esteemed roofer above very correctly said, your website is extremely low on content. Please do not think that I am being harsh on you but I feel that It does not seem to have been created with an intention to being found by home owners through search engine because with out a rich content, various search engines will not be able to acknowledge and rank you!