New forum member offering greetings and a little advice, too


Hello everyone. My name’s AJ. Long time lurker first time posting. I’m not a roofer myself, but I work for several roofing companies. I’m a former property adjuster - 15 years. I now apply that experience to benefit my clients. I write Xactimate supplements and negotiate with insurance companies on my contractor’s behalf. I’ve learned a lot from this forum and figured it’s time to give back a little.

I first wish to emphasize I’m not here to solicit business. I’m looking to keep learning from this forum but also to contribute. So in the spirit of giving back, I’d like to share the following:

In reading many of the threads, It’s clear that insurance claims and dealing with adjusters in general can present frustrating challenges. Getting your estimates paid can be especially difficult. I will periodically come on here and post certain estimating practices that generate consistent results for me.

As you know, carriers typically don’t pay for removal of flashing components during the shingle tear out process. Not only that, but they expect you to re-use that flashing with the new roof system. I’ve found a way to get them to pay (most of the time–not always) additional labor to preserve flashing. On average, I earn an extra $175 to $250 for my clients, just on this line item alone.

Please see both sets of attachments. In both files, American Family paid additional labor to compensate us for our effort to “prevent functional damage to flashing so it can be reused and pass code.” One way to get paid - and this applies to all aspects of any job – is to convince the adjuster that your extra labor came as a result of your efforts to conform to the insurance company’s estimating guidelines. That’s why they agreed to pay for this charge.

The attached samples were both AmFam claims, but in my personal experience most carriers will honor it. For whatever reason though, AmFam always honors it which I find especially surprising considering how difficul they are to deal with.

I encourage you to apply this line item. It’s a legitimate charge and I genuinely hope you get similar results as I have.


Thank you AJ for your contribution.


Nice tip AJ, thank you! Keep them coming.


Thank you Authentic_Dad. I appreciate your support. :slight_smile:

The Roofer - per hour special line item is one of my most reliable “earners” - I love using it because it’s applicable to every roof job I supplement for my clients. I encourage everyone to use it.

I’m going to try and post one estimating tip per week. I will only post line item tips that have a proven track record of getting carrier approval.

My next write up focuses on gable cornice returns and how I get around $270 a pair for them - I’ll have it up on the board shortly.


Thank you J_Medina for your tip.


Very nice, Thank You