New estimating/invoicing/ payment platform project


Hey Everyone, I have been a General Contractor for the last 8 years. I also like to work on side projects, one of the side projects I recently completed with a close friend was a service for free online invoicing/estimates/payments.

I felt like there are tons of services out there, but they just don’t understand construction as a business. They see it more as a place you can charge guys tons of money for a simple action like processing credit cards.

The system we designed gets you 50k free in credit card transactions. The service has no cost, we didn’t create it to profit just to solve the problem of having to wait on checks, and using written estimate forms.

It also notifies the customer of anew estimate, invoice, etc… and you can see that they have seen it.

I’m hoping I can get some members here to sign up and test drive the platform, tell me what you love and hate.

We also integrated escrow payments into the service, something that there should be more use of in construction for large projects.

I hope i’m not over stepping boundries or rules here, but I’m not doing this for personal gain just the help the industry out.

The website is Like I said its 100% free, with no nonsense, I know I cant stand telemarking calls or sales pitches being a salesman myself. If you guys could check it out and give some feedback it would be a huge help in tweeking the design.

What are some features you think would be beneficial?


I’ll give yall a try wI’m working in the disaster in most and the insurance co.are killing me they are depreciating the claims 75 to 90 percent .yes 90 per wtf.I’m a small business owner and I don’t have the funds and my credit is going even further down because I’m trying to get financing from last year .had about 40,k held on me from people I was helping and decided that I’d been paid enough .kept my money that I worked for .anyway I’ve got 12 contracts of over 100k and waiting on scopes and acv.I’m in litigation with 4 direct because of the controlling loss and now mayj or depreciation tactics their useing.I can get the value eventually but I’m losing a lot of credit worthiness and it’s rolling in too my home and this is a signed decoration. Not for sure how I want to handle this .a client and I talked and mI got get drug into a law suit with allstate.he’s not happy with the lies and threats that both of us got. Any suggestions for contractor that’s been hit by the storms and has to work in this after losing all my equipment and delayed by fema and now sba.for disaster relief and still have these co.trying to scam all of us .I’m about the only claims court working this the fight is starting to die any suggestions would be awesome thanks cam


We are an experienced group of about 25 to 50 engineers who have worked on roof design. The experience levels are upwards of 5 years.

We have worked with Pictometry ( Geo Estimator) and have delivered over three hundred and fifty thousand drawings in the three year periods with over 99% accuracy.

Reach me on to discuss in greater detail and engagement possibilities. .

You can also reach me on +91995 964 4725.

Looking forward to hearing from interested partners.