Neighbor’s douwnspouts dumping on my roof


Our downtown neighbors neglected building was renovated . Almost all water from his new large roof is now dumped via several downspouts on our flat roof (half the size.) or in our( now to small) gutters. Is this legal?


We aren’t attorneys but I would contact the building department in your town and run this problem by them. The owner of that building is wide open to major liability if your roof collapses.
The easiest remedy is to slope the downspout (conductor pipe) to the side of the building where it can dump onto the ground. Generally, this is pretty simple to do.


Any contractor would need to do a full inspection to verify that code requirements have been met. Text and even photos are inadequate to make a determination on code compliance or proper drainage. This is a question best left to your building inspector. My suggestion would be to locate and contact the building inspector.


Thanks. Appreciate. Rudy


Would be illegal where I live, have to deal with your own water