Need to know proper layers for low slope roof


We have researched the different ways to do a low slope roof and there are too many different opinions out there to know what way is right. We’ve built a new roof and have left the required space between the plywood for expansion. We considered going with the self adhesive cap sheet but decided against it because we didn’t want to have to tear off the plywood next time around plus we couldn’t find the asphalt primer is calls for. So now we are back to the regular roll roofing but we get different answers on what and how the underpayment should be. Some say to use felt then nail down a base sheet and then the cap sheet and others say no felt just put a self adhesive base sheet and then nail a cap sheet. We just want to know the correct materials and the correct way to put them down. It’s a roof with no vents or other obstructions coming through it. We have a drip edge flashing we saved from the tear off. We are obviously doing this ourselves so the method needs to be a way that a do it yourselfer can do. Thanks in advance.


You can use the self adhered cap sheet
And use a nailable base sheet made by the same company.
The base sheet doesnt have to be self adhered also.