Need help calculating size of roof


Hi everyone!

I have a question(s) I’d like to ask here, because I have no one to turn to.
I had an insurance claim for my roof last year, and the guy from insurance quoted that 8.61 SQ roof needs to be torn off, and 9.67 SQ new shingles put down. My house is 780 sq ft total. The main area of the house was prbly smaller before the addition was put in (it’s now dining area of the house, of the size of about 8x10 sq ft or so

), but the total sq footage is 780 sq ft. The slope of the roof is between 7/12 and 9/12. When I look at the quote from insurance, I don’t understand if this addition was included or not. Btw, the addition has rolled roofing on it.
I put my house on sale about a month ago, and this little area turned out to be a headache after the inspection. I’m obviously no pro when it comes to these things, but even I can tell that that area was not touched by the roofing company.
I called the sales guy from the company to come check it out, and he did come, but after he checked he said that that little area was not included in the quote.
Can somebody please help me understand if he’s made an idiot out of me, or if he was saying the truth. As I said, I don’t really understand these things and don’t know how to calculate this and figure out by myself, so any help/ advuce would be appreciated. Please see attached photo of the original quote done by insurance (the ine from roofing company has exact same numbers on it).


The sq. ft. of your roof and the sq. ft. of your house are not the same. The roof will always be larger (unless you have a flat roof). It does appear that the insurance only paid to replace your main house roof because I see nothing on the paperwork about replacing any roll roofing.


As best as I can read it, that scope of loss does not include the flat roof area. It only includes the asphalt shingles. With that size of house, I would think it isn’t terribly complex. Assuming the basic shape is a rectangle, go outside and measure the length and the width of the walls. Measure the overhang. Double the overhangs and add that to the length of each wall. Multiply the two. That should be a fairly close estimate of the area of your roof were it flat. Multiply that number by 1.16 if it is 7 pitch or 1.25 if it is 9 pitch. That gives you your roof area.

The remove portion of the scope of loss should be the roof area. The second line, the replace portion is the roof area with waste. Chances are high they used 10% unless you have a hip roof. Then they would use 15%. Looks like your scope is from Liberty Mutual or Safeco. They’re certainly not going to do you any favors, one of my least favorite insurance companies to deal with. According to the scope, only a very small portion of your roof was 7 to 9 pitch (59 square feet). So they might not be off too much.

So no, the roofer didn’t do anything wrong or make you look like an idiot.