Need advice on bad bad work


I use no illegals, mexican or otherwise. I do have highly skilled crews that are made of many cosmetically different Americans.


The one picture with the nail too high, looks to be shot too deep and right next to a seam really disturbed me.
That is a leak right there sooner or later and it will fail before the material does.
" IF"that nailing is consistent through out the roof,
Along with too small of a stagger through out the roof
It just doesnt work.
Amazingly i have seen sloppy too short of staggers survive because of good asphalt saturated felt.

And upon that revelation it looks to me like they installed ice and water shield over the whole roof.
And it might be its saving grace
So Maybe this roof will be ok…
14 rolls is the exact amount of rolls i would order also. Plus bring any left over partial rolls i already had from the last roof.


Thank you for your comments. Haha , it’s accidentally in 4 times, see photo before and after.
The roofer insists the roof repairable. I don’t know how to convince them not waste more money.

Shingle brand is Owens Corning oakridge7.

Is there a way to find where there is no underlayment?


As new poster, I am allowed to do 10 a day, here are a few more





The more you show, the worse it looks. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, that roof is a 3.


Bad detail on the top of the valley at the cap.
And also they ran their valleys backwards.
Lower sections should be roofed first.


Thank you all for comments and advice. It looks that my asking re-doing the roof with a qualified crew is a reasonable one. It is your expertise that makes this site valuable.