Need advice on bad bad work


My insurance agreed to replace my roof due to storm damage. The roofer helped in claim hurried in material and a crew on job without notifying me. The end up roof with all wrong installations and damages (cuts and point damages). Worse, they covered openings for ventilation instead of installing ventilation caps. From the calculation of used rolls of underlayment, I estimate there were 4 squares area no underlayment installed. Now, the roof with a leak is worse than the replaced.

The roofer service sent an inspector and took more than 20 photos with defects. And I was told that the subcontractor it has sent was fired due to this.

I have asked other roofers and all answers are re-roofing.

Now, the roofer did the job has agreed only repair. I wonder a cosmetic repair will solve the hidden problems. I am asking for an agreement that the roofer repair would pass a third party inspection. If failed again, I would ask re-roofing by other contractors. But I have so far resistance from the roof. It seems that the roofer doesn’t want to stand behind the quality of its job.

I welcome any advice. Do I have a legal base not paying them and hire somebody else to finish the job?


Roof crews often have partial rolls of underlayment with them so your calculation may not be the factual case. However, assuming the other things you said were true, it could very well be the case. Without pictures, not sure what you mean by cuts and point damages. Sounds like you had the bad luck of having a very, very sloppy crew. Did this contractor pay your deductible by chance?

I would think you have the right legally to withhold payment pending successful repairs of the problems. Were this my roof, I’d pay a very reputable local roofing company to come out and inspect the work and provide you with a report that includes pictures. I’d charge the original roofing contractor for that inspection. Small cosmetic issues can be repaired. Overall poor workmanship would likely require a re-roof.


Detailed Pics please?


I pay my own deductible. And we don’t even have a $ number for the cost of roofing.
There were 8 rolls of ice shields(white packed) and 6 black rolls. In my calculation, the white covers 2 squares each roll and black 3 squares. At the end, the crew took back away 5 rolls, 3 white and 2 black. So, the used number is 8X2+6X3 - 3X2 - 2X3 = 22. However, my roof has 26 squares as calculated by insurance and other estimators. Also, all bundles but one of shingles are used up.

The pictures of damages have been shown to me by the roofer’s inspector. But I do have a few my self on lower portion.










image2 (2)


image2 (1)




image1 (2)


I see they accidentally shingled over a vent hole.
I see they were sloppy with their knife a couple times.
Not knowing where to put in the nail in relation to the seams. Fixable but there might be thousands. Not fixable.
Seams not big enough? Ughh
And the roofer really thought that eyebrow would fly??
Ok that is
Sorry, that roof has to go.
And Sir, What is the brand of those shingles???


The biggest issue I see in the short stagger in the shingles. A good roofer could repair that roof to passable, but if I were to do it IT WOULD NOT BE CHEAP!


That’s pretty sloppy work. Problem I have is, if you can see that much slop, how bad are the things that you can’t see?


Why is the picture of the attic vent (underside) posted? Is something wrong with the installation? Looks similar to mine.

Obviously I am a roofing rookie.



Because it was simply shingled over and not replaced with another vent. If nothing else, the morons should have filled in the hole with new decking.


lul,i see all of you guys running ur companies etc.
this is 6th year in roofing for me,nailing about 5 years,as far as i know never have had callbacks related to short staggers(ya mean should leak ?)or blown shingles due to random nail my common sense and experience says, it shall not be overdriven or high nailed to keep roof alive.
if im wrong somehow,i need arguments,i guess all of you have much more years exp.


Look like work done by bunch illegal MEXICANS like most guys on this site use