Need 3 tab russet colored roof shingles


We are looking for russet colored 3 tab roof shingles to replace a bad garage roof. can’t seem to find any online, we live in Massachusetts


Post a couple pictures maybe someone can suggest a close match



Those aren’t 3-tabs…


3 tab, tamko rustic hickory, or gaf sovereign, autumn brown. Colors are weird on the interweb, so take that into consideration.
Laminated shingle, like the photo, gaf, natural shadow, hickory.


Oh, thanks I thought they were because they are flat. Do you know what they are?


Hard to say with the age of them, you will have to look at some sample boards from various manuf. to find a close match. Good luck!


The straight laminates make me think it is an IKO Cambridge shingle.

Measure the exposure to see if it it 6 1/8", 5 5/8", or 5", IKO Cambridges came in all 3 sizes.