Natural Metal | Roofs - Site critique


Two generations of roofers, lots of commercial and some industrial experience doing nothing but roofing.

My dad’s never been the most tech savvy guy but I’m doing my best to catch him up to the social media.

What can I do to improve our site?


You’re asking for critique so I’ll provide it. It’s not very good. But unless you’re going to invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimizaiton), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and Google Ad Words, it doesn’t matter much.

If you just want a website to direct your customers to, load what you have up with pictures of previous work and Customer testimonials. That sells. If you want people to find you when they’re looking for roofing contractors in your area, you have to invest in SEO, SEM and Google Ad Words. The latter can be quite expensive but the ROI is good. Unless you’re in a really small town, NOBODY is going to find your website as it is right now. I didn’t see any keywords for searches at all.