My contractor's told me if you use dl.rain guard u don't need an overhang that just doesn't sound right here are some picture to look at


Never heard of roofer wanting something to go to court if there is an active leak on a new roof. The edge issues are debatable, but if the roof is leaking into the sofit he should be more than willing to correct that problem. Did you pay him?


Yes I did pay him. When Harvey came the leaking was so bad my rug was soak
well one person said u should replace it then he sent his son who said
don’t replace it was flood water I live on a hill and never has it come
even close to my house so i started to yell then he call me a bully hung
up on me. So I called the insector the one who never came to inspect
and he said don’t cal l this number again. And how if I want anything done
I have to take him to court he also called me a drunk which I’m not never
did I call him drunk he never saw me drunk, I called my friend and asked do
I always sound drunk cause that really upset me of course he said no. This
is all cause I yelled.