My contractor's told me if you use dl.rain guard u don't need an overhang that just doesn't sound right here are some picture to look at



They told you wrong.


I think i see a gutter installed in front of the drip edge
Instead of behind it.
If true, that is a problem.


I guess I sent the wrong picture but shouldn’t you have a hangover.that problem was fixed he said that they don’t need any hangover.


What state are you in? In florida (not sure if any others) they can fail your roof if you overhang your shingles. Look around at other roofs in your neighborhood and see if their shingles are overhung. If they are than what your roofer said is incorrect.


Yes, in florida the drip edge metal has about a 5/8 overhang and we run our shingles even with this metal.
We sandwich our drip edge metal.
First we install underlayment
Then we install drip edge metal
Then we cover it with roofing cement
Then we install shingles.

The pitch of the roof determines how wide/tall i install
my roofing cement.


How can this problem be repaired? My roof edge looks like crap it looks like a kid cut the shingle.


I don’t know what you are referring to when you say “looks like a kid cut my shingles”.


The shingles at the bottom edge of the roof arnt cut they are factory edges. If they are tore up, like in the one picture you posted, that is from ladders ECT and should be replaced.


The bottem edge is not tore up
Nor does it look like a kid cut it.
It is factory edge. And it is perfect.
It is roofing cement that they installed a lil thick in that area and oozed out.
Fixed with some cleaner in minutes.

Here is where i rant against white evedrip.
Brand new roof that already looks horrible
And will have to be cleaned once or twice a year.
I am 99 percent succesful in convincing my homeowners Not to install the White, grey or Cream colored drip edge.
The brown or black gets dirty too
But it always looks clean.


Instead of a straight line there is a little bit of a overhang and then they cut it to short .



there is really no overhang they said they. Won’t redo I want a little bit of a overhang in some spots water goes under the shingles and starts pouring out of the vent screen is there any way to fix it1504284714537


Every single shingle was cut . They cut some way to close that water gets under. How can I replace to have a little overhang.

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The shingles at the bottom edge of the roof arnt cut they are factory edges. If they are tore up, like in the one picture you posted, that is from ladders ECT and should be replaced.


What is “dl.rain guard”?


I have seen brand spankin new homes
Looking horrible with the dirty nasty white eve drip.
Before it even gets sold they have to clean it!

How many times will you wash it
For how many years?
Untill you just get tired of it??


You would think the hurricanes would keep it clean.


I am assuming she is referring to drip edge.


Again, are you in Florida? If you are a building inspector will FAIL your roof if there is an overhang. I know because I had an inspector fail one of mine once. But yes I agree that dripping water out of your vent is unacceptable.


The drip edge is a 90 degree angle.
Your roofs fascial is 90 degrees from the ground
Forcing the drip edge into an unnatural position.
Kind of like a ski jump slope.
Causing puddling.
If roofer didnt do a good job, this could be the source of the leaking.
The source of the leak is within one or two feet from the bottom up the roof.
Call a roofer, he should able to find the leak for you with ease.


He want me to sign a paper from his lawer before he does any repairs . I’m
Not signing
It cause I call out his inspector for not showing up ever. So he said I
guess we’ll see u in court.