Mr. Roof Thunderguard Shingles


Any city or state that has a building code has outlawed the installation of seconds. From what I have heard about any seconds coming out of the Malarkey plant here in Portland Oregon is that they are all being trucked to Mexico for use in the Mexican market. Other shingle manufacturers are shipping them off to the Mexican roofing market also.


Mr. Roof/Able Roof Thunderguard is a joke.

Its an SBS shingle instead of fiberglass/asphalt like most shingles.

Here is the busted truth on this shingle.

Its supposedly a “lifetime” warranty shingle. But the catch is that after the first 10 years the homeowner has to call every year to re-new/continue the warranty. So if day 1 on year 11, you forget to continue the warranty–you will then have no warranty.

They dont manufacture their own shingles. They buy these private labeled from Malarky.

Bottom line: Mr. Roof is a joke (the original owner/now minority owner is an A-hole). Mr Roof started in Ann Arbor. Able Roof Co. from Columbus, Ohio bought 2/3 of Mr. Roof a couple of years ago. Able Roof bought the company to branch out the name all over the midwest. They went to Indy about the time of the hailstorms and did a lot of bad things. Then they went to Cincinatti…Have sold only a few jobs there in a year…They recently shut down Indy because of the financial losses incurred by offering a warranty that were forced to honor. Able Roof and Mr. Roof private label IKO(worst on the market) dimensional shingles and call them “roof guard”.

Im not sure where you are located…But IMHO stay away from Mr. Roof and definitely IKO and Thunderguard.

If you want a real lifetime warranty, go with a GAF/Elk Lifetime shingle with Golden Pledge warranty or Certainteed Lifetime with similar package. The price will probably be the same, because Mr. Roof tries to get top dollar for the Thunderguard.


SBS are generally expensive shingles but Mr. Roof/Able is getting these from Malarky right now for less than 100 per square. Right now in our market Timberline Lifetime’s are slightly over 100.

Thunderguard isnt seconds, just a private label of their main line product.


Mr. Roof is definately a joke in Cincinnati.High priced fast talking salseman talks you into an OVER RATED UNDERSTATED thunderguard warranty and sends an army of illegals out to roof the house using no saftey standards( I saw about 25 on a steep job walking in the 5" O.G. gutters for scaffolding) not replacing any flashing on the chimneys (just spray painting) Its just a mess, call a local reliable roofer and get a legitimate estimate from a legimate roofer.


Thanks everyone for your input.

We ended up getting a second estimate, and are going down a more traditional path now with a long-time roofer. I still think the Thunderguard system sounds kind of interesting, but the main problem for us right now is simply the cash difference. We just don’t have it right now. We’re still getting a high quality shingle (from Certainteed). Thanks again. Signing off.


Glad to hear it clyde!


Clyde - what did you decide to do about your roof last year?

I am in the same situation this year. Researching these Thunderguard shingles.


I put Thunder Guard on my roof 8 years ago. The salesman from Mr Roof showed me the difference and I was impressed. 2 years ago a hail storm came through our neighborhood and some of my neighbors had roofs replaced. I called my insurance company and they sent an engineer to my home and the roof was pefect. Since then Hurricane Ike passed through and more neghbors had problems ( one even had there roof replced recently from hail )- again, our roof was in tact …Thunder Guard was well worth the investment for sure. My sister put a Thunder Guard roof on her home too and she is happy.


anybody else smell that?


Smells like a salesman.


j you made me laugh hard this morning. i think salesman is the right thing. but i do smell the bs. i just put the facts down that are real


GTP, i live in grand rapids, mi anyone you would recommend for a quality job without over paying, i was interested in this thundergaurd until read this was also considering hansons, who do you recommend


Stryker you have a P.M.


“aren’t very popular due to the extra cost,”

So Clyde what were your bid comparisons?


I don’t trust any home improvement company.
Mr. Roof gave me a list of thousands of homes they installed and their previous customers spoke very well of them. They did cost more, but if you’ve ever went to voicemail hell with other contractors. They were worth every penny and more!!!


My parents got a Mr Roof done in 1990 and it is still in good shape 27 years later, though I am unsure of the shingle they got I know it was the best they offered. In 2009 my roomate was amazed at how quickly the stone was falling off his 6 year old roof and filling up the gutters. Many of the newer homes in the neighborhood had similar issues and the worst part was the warrenties were all for manufacturer’s defect, not the product being of poor design. Also, the warantees are pro rated and subject to instalation errors. This gave him great consternation.

This led to him paying more for the Mr Roof Thunderguard shingle. Approximately 30% more, so if the shingle is not as good as they say, it’s a real ripoff. In the years that followed the trend of new roofs looking bad quickly in the neighborhood continued wheras his roof has suffered no such problems. In his case it seems like the Thunderguard shingle is indeed better, at least where loss of stone is concerned however 9 years is not quite long enough yet to justify the cost. Time will tell.

Now I am in my own home and in the market for a roof. I am not 100% convinced of the T-G shingle however in the years since 2009 I have kept an eye on the roofs in my area and been amazed at how poorly most of them seem to perform. I am positive that most of the popular shingles here can be considered “disposable”, and if you can get them for a low enough price, they may actually be worth it. Most especially if you are flipping the house. In my case I am in it for the long haul so hopefully the more expensive shingle really does perform as well as my parent’s has.

I will evaluate Mr Roof’s labor after they do the work. Fingners crossed.


I will try to be impartial being I am certified CertainTeed shingle Master install. That being said I can tell you that CertainTeed basic landmark has the highest UL rated basic single. Ask any supply house the paller weight is heavier & ask anybody who’s installed their shingles they are thicker and if installed by a certified CertainTeed installer with a sure start four or five you get a 50-year warranty which covers rip dumping install and materials. All of that being said I’ve been doing this three decades I’ve installed Tamko, Elk which is now GAF, Owens Corning & Atlas. I can tell you I love the OC sure nail and the adhesive, CertainTeed for the quality and durability of shingle and the others for the price. However this is for your own personal home I would look at the CertainTeed Belmont roof for the 20% price increase over regular architectural shingle it’s hands down the winner with the 50-year out of package warranty I’m crazy impact-resistant little own that imitation slate look is just gorgeous


Thunderguard roof itself is good, solid and robust though expensive, but some of the clients were not satisfied by the warranties they offer. So please ask them to come clean on warranty, if you are buying it from Mr. Roof.


From what I understand Mr. Roof Thunderguard shingles are rebranded IKO’s.


I only Like Brand Name Shingles - CertainTeed, GAF ect…