Mr. Roof Thunderguard Shingles


We’re considering using Mr Roof’s Thunderguard shingles. I’m surprised how little I can find about it in forums such as this. From what I’ve read they do sound fairly reliable, and are more popular in colder climates and locations with strong winds.

I figure there are few review comments on the web either because they just aren’t very popular due to the extra cost, or because they aren’t generally available to everyone.

Anyone have any advice about whether they’re any better than high quality traditional shingles such as from Certainteed?

I notice they tend to look a bit different than normal dimensional type shingles due to their cut.

Thanks !


let me guess…you are in the ohio area? they are very regional to your area. that is why they are hard to find on the net.


Not a bad guess, but I thought these were sort of popular in Michigan, Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio (the Ohio area as you say), and assumed they were available in other states too.

It does seem like a pretty good system to me though, but what do I know.


Sherrif Goslin probably, which are a Private Label from Atlas.



Apparently this is more of a rubberized+asphalt shingle, using sbs rubber (don’t know what sbs stands for)…


I can’t understand why someone would want to use some off brand shingle…I would reccomend a Larger manufacturer brand like Gaf/Elk. At least you can expect them to be around if there is ever a problem in the future…I’ve never used any off (micro brand) shingles,so I cant say if they are good or not…


Thats Mr. Roofs shingle. Its their lifetime shingle. They are made by Malarky. If they were so good then why does everyone else not use them. Certainteeds 50 year is alot better shingle in side by side compairing. If you think about it why are they the only people using that type of shingle. ANd for the price you can get a longer lasting roof for the same money.

The labor is the most important part of the project. And when they have sub contractors things go wrong. If you are in michigan I can suggest some companies that can give you better istalations and a good fair price. Just check out the BBB on whom ever you hire. ANd by the way i am out of the business so i wont be hired either way. I can just help you make an educated decision. Hope this helps have a great day.

Here is a link to the bbb for mr roof: … m=12000894

They have 20 issues in the last 36 months. I would look in other compaines than this. That is alot of problems for a short time.
Based on BBB files, this company has a satisfactory record with the Bureau.

To have a “satisfactory record” with BBB, a company must be in business for at least 12 months, properly and promptly address matters referred to it by BBB, and be free from an unusual volume or pattern of complaints and law enforcement action involving its marketplace conduct. In addition, BBB must have a clear understanding of the company’s business and no concerns about its industry.

When considering complaint information, please take into account the business’s size and volume of transactions, and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm’s responses to them are often more important than the number of complaints.

BBB processed a total of 20 complaints about this company in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period. Of the total 20 complaints closed in the last 36 months, 11 were closed in the last 12 months.

These complaints concerned:
7 regarding Advertising Issues
7 regarding Advertising Issues

2 regarding Billing or Collection Issues
2 regarding Billing or Collection Issues

1 regarding Contract Disputes
1 regarding Contract Disputes

2 regarding Customer Services Issues
2 regarding Customer Services Issues

2 regarding Product Issues
2 regarding Product Issues

1 regarding Refund Or Exchange Issues
1 regarding Refund Or Exchange Issues

1 regarding Repair Issues
1 regarding Repair Issues

2 regarding Selling Practices
2 regarding Selling Practices

2 regarding Service Issues
2 regarding Service Issues

They were all resolved according to the bbb but do you want to be in that number?? They have fast talking salesman and have a high price. No one uses that shingle other than them either.

There rating is just ok. I would not want just ok on my roof protecting my investment. Just my 2 cents.


Mr. Roofs Thunderguard shingles are simply privately labeled shingles. Malarkey doesn’t distribute heavily in Michigan and will sell privately labeled shingles directly to bigger companies because they’re not stepping on the toes of their distributers. As far as quality goes I don’t really know. They use it simply because it’s different and they can develope their sales pitch around nobody else having it ( Sherriff Gosslin). My suggestion is that when it comes to roofing products you need to stick with a company that has a large market share in your area. In Michigan that would be Certainteed at this time. They have a very large market share and that’s because of their ability to honor warranties and produce a good product that lasts in your climate.
The Thunder Guard is just a sales technique to offer a product that nobody else has to justify a higher price, and most times not a higher quality. In short, Keep Looking


[quote=“gtp1003”] ANd by the way i am out of the business


since when? what happened? what are you doing now?


They’ve been in business a long time, and they offer a warranty that surpasses all others. Also, price wise I don’t think it’s that much different than say Certainteed’s 50 yr shingle.

Is their plan to go out of business or change names before people start demanding they honor their warranty? I’ve heard that some insurance companies may discount their rates if you use this shingle (not in my case I’m pretty sure).

It’s the warranty that’s the selling point mostly. Is it a matter of the fine print? It either needs to be a good product, or there must be a catch.


[quote=“gtp1003”] Certainteeds 50 year is alot better shingle in side by side compairing.

Forgot to ask, do you know where I can find this type of comparison? That’s one thing I’ve been trying to find but cant.



Its such an unused shingle there is not a side by side compair on them. The BBB said it all look at other companies not nearly as many and it not like they do 1000’s of more roofs than everyone else. The compairing is years of using the certainteed brand vs a shinlge htat has been out for only a few years and i think its around 5 or 6 years they have offered that thunderguard shingle.

WHats their warranty that makes them so different, A warranty is only as good as the company backing it?

I can tell you i will warranty something forever but that does not mean that i will. They have fast talking salesman, my track record against them and i will not work for them for many reasons, is i think i lost 2 roofs out of 20 against them. I am not going to go into all of it because my hand will fall off. You seem like you want them to do your roof and that is fine, there is not a comparison to any other shingle due to its a private label shingle. If you want lifetime warranty look at certainteeds or gaf’s also. Since they are 100 times bigger than mr roof and well frankly been in business for over 100 years there business is shingles and im sure you will be much happier knowing that a company that specializes in just roofing material made the products that made your roof vs a company that specializes in installing roofing materails for a living with there unknown product. Over 100 years in business speaks volumes vs a company that peddles their product that know one knows about.

Here is Certainteeds 2008 shingle warranty: … ay2008.pdf

Did the salesman say your insurance company discount your policy if you used his shingles???

Class 4 impact resistant shingles will only get such discounts and that depends on what your policy is thru. State farm being one of them.


Here is State Farms list of roofing materials that will trigger the hail damage discount.

Here is the Certification Form to get the discount for either the Class 3 or the Class 4 discount.

Must conform to UL 2218

Main State Farm Link: … e=Michigan

If you look, there are 2 pages of SBS or Asphalt Based shingle products and a total of 28 pages of approved roofing material manufacturers, mostly being metal roof systems.



thats the gtp i know.


No, he didn’t make any promises about insurance. He was just saying that in some cases there have been discounts, but that it might not apply in my case.

Thanks very much for the info. I need to mull over this a while longer. Didn’t realize it until the responses here that there are a number of shingles out there with the sbs rubberized aspect to the construction.



For what it is worth Malarkey is a primarily Pacific Northwest and Alaska company. They are just now starting to head out into the midwest area. If it is indeed a Malarkey shingle that MR. Roof is using then I would Google Malarkey and read up on them. We install them on approx, 90% of the roofs here in AK and I have personally witnessed them withstand 100+ mph winds. IMO you will not go wrong with Malarkey.



Roofboy, my problem with the shingle is its rumored to be and i say RUMORED to be a second. I know that they are unlabeled shingles i have seen them installed. Funny story, i was doing a roof with my crew, i did nothing but stand on the ground, but anyway they showed up with like 10 guys we had 8. It took them longer to tear the back off than it took use to tear off, paper and ice and water with drip. Same homes same size. They worked untill 9 that night. we were gone at 2 or so. They never replaced the chimney counter flashing that was in very bad condition, they just painted it. I bid the other roof so i knew about some problems. Oh yea they crew i dont think spoke a lick of english. Funny thing was they thru all the debris on the ground then picked it up and then thru it in the dumpster.

Do not hold me to the rumor its just what i heard. I dont know enough about it to comment if Malarkey is good or not. But i do know that they charge a heck of a price for the shingles.


GTP, once you get into the High End SBS shingles, they are all pricey.

I would like to see if you can find out more about the seconds or other private labeled opportunities that are around.




I was commenting on my experience with true Malarkey shingles. I don’t know anything about seconds. As far as the labor issue GTP is right about it being the most important part of the project. Follow up on the company as he said.



The seconds are a RUMOR in my area. Regaurdless on what they put on the roof it comes down to the install. And from what i have seen i would like to have a conversation with someone on the roof in english since im gonna spend 10k+ on a roof.