Most common cause of leaks in a new roof


Then he just works without a license so what exactly is accomplished here?


Once you file a complaint with consumer affairs with a copy of the receipt
they will notify him that he has to pay them the total of what your receipt
is. If he does not pay or comply with them and make good on what they feel
he should make good on they can either put a judgement against his accounts
and put him in jail and then make him pay restitution after the time.
That’s the difference between hiring a licensed contractor and an
unlicensed contractor


As soon as i read surenail…
I didnt care what anything else was said.
Wont last long.
If the nails are not flush and in the lower portion of the surenail
The double thickness part of the surenail.
Real rust resistant nails and not near the seams either.
No Synthetic either.


You mean they are crappy shingles? The Ugghh refers to what? What do you mean about the synthetic? should have gone felt? If you could let me know that would be great because he pops in tomorrow and then I will know where I am going with this. We had a bad rain last night and we had a few drips come through the cathedral ceiling … we are ripping it off and replacing so … let me know what you mean about the shingle. thanks


Thanks for the info … have checked it out …


call for free consultation Roofing Expert.


Which shingle is better OC or BP?


Certainteed or Malarkey


Well… got him to rip his roof off completely, he replaced all of the materials, agreed to reshingle the back (high side - 1/3 of roof area), underlayment and trim on rest of roof and hubby and I finished of the last 2/3 rds. There was a chimney flashing and vent pipe I did not want them to do … first job looked crappy … plus, I just wanted them out of here. They installed to specs, I hated it but I watched and helped here and there … I am sure they loved it. I lost out some but that is fine, it is over with … roof now looks good. I can’t believe how fragile, thin the OC Tru Def Duration are when the heat gets over 70 degrees … how do you guys protect the shingles while you are installing? Anyhow, thanks everyone for your feedback with this. During the rip off I noticed that the starter strip and the ice & water had the tar strips toward the peak? no common sense at all…