Mismatched shingles?


Hey guys,

Having a new home built and selected a black roof. I noticed that some spots are different colored. Most noticeably on the top of garage and top of main roof. Top of the garage looks like an upright rectangle. Top of house looks like 2 large Diaganol sections. I did go 2 days ago and it looked like everything was uniform. Today, the patches are back.

Sales lady said its normal and will disappear as the roof “weathers”

Attached are some pics. Roof is about 1 week old.






Its actually a pretty common issue lately. Sometimes the shingles just don’t match perfectly out of the bundles. It has nothing to do with the instillation method. More than likely it will be more and less visible at different times, depending on how the light it hitting it. Sometimes, it does get less noticeable as the roof “weathers” but not always.

Also, has the roof had a good rain yet? Once in a while we end up getting shingles that have a powdery substance on them which makes them look a bit off until the first good rain.


What shingle brand was used? Black shingles are notorious for this. This isn’t horrible but it certainly isn’t great. That may, or may not, heal itself over time. I wouldn’t accept it unless they give you something in writing guaranteeing a complete roof replacement if the color mismatch still exists after a year or two, whatever time you’re prepared to allow them.

This isn’t a roofer issue, this is a manufacturer’s issue.


Thanks for the replies guys. I’ll see if it goes away a little bit. I just drove by again and here’s what the pic looks like. Definitely more noticeable when light hits it.


Here is my neighbors across the street. His has it to it seems. Lighting is dark. I’ll check his when the sun is hitting it. Can you see it in my neighbors?


Not all the shingles were made on the same day.
Not all bundles had the same Lot number.
Very common issue with most manufactures.


So will they ever match?


As I said, sometimes they do end up weathering to the same color but not always and there is really no way to know if they will.



The shingles are certainteed xt25 with algae protection, if that matters.


I would contact the manufacturer sooner then later. We had a Rustic Black Tamko Heritage job where this happened last year. It was only noticeable at a particular angle in the sun. About 3 squares showed up in a zipper pattern of course. If you stood up on the roof and looked it wasn’t visible at all. It stuck out like a sore thumb from the street though.

Tamko paid us to replace the entire $12k job labor/material a week after our regional rep viewed it. I was very impressed with that kind of service considering there was only a material warranty in effect. He said the issue comes from how much pressure they use to tamp/bed the granule into the asphalt during production. I suppose there is an adjustment thats subject to change on the assembly line. I can’t recall if the lot numbers where the same or not but i think they were.


Sometimes colors will even out sometimes they don’t. If that was my new house…as someone already said get everything in writing and get the manufacture involved. The manufacturers rep should be looking at this now. Personality I would have then stop construction on the siding until this is resolved. If the shingles do have to be replaced it is going to be much less expensive and a much better job to have this done before the siding is installed and all of the flashing are buried behind the siding.