Metal roof without attic ventilation


I just had a standing seam roof installed. My previous roof was shingle. I had ridgevents and soffit vents. The metal installer covered the entire roof with peel and seal. Installed the metal and ridge caps. He did not cut out the peel and seal where the channel for the ridge vent is, essentially sealing the roof from ventilation.

I live in Florida, so hot , humid.

Is attic ventilation required?

My entire soffit is the perforated vinyl type. Will it allow moisture in, then the sealed roff not allow it out?

I can’t get answers from anyone in my area. The inspectors don’t know.


From your description I am assuming the attic is not a conditioned space. I am also assuming by ridge cap you are referring to ridge vent. Assuming my assumptions are correct. Yes, the peel and stick should have been removed from the cut out under the ridge vent. This is likely just an oversight. Give your roofer a call. I am sure he’ll take care of it.

You mentioned that the roofer also covered all the existing vent holes from the previous roof. Did he plug them or replace the wood to close the openings or just place self adhesive membrane over the existing holes?


Weird that the inspectors don’t know; ventilation is pretty well the only thing explicitly in the model code as far as sloped roofing goes, and my experience has been that they enforce it enthusiastically as it doesn’t require them to actually go on the roof and look at anything! :slight_smile:

Florida goes it’s own way on building codes, but they still kinda keep pace with the IBC, and it says:

Section 1203.2 Attic spaces
The net free ventilating area shall not be less than 1⁄300 of the area of the space ventilated, with 50 percent of the required ventilating area provided by ventilators located in the upper portion of the space to be ventilated at least 3 feet (914 mm) above eave or cornice vents with the balance of the required ventilation provided by eave or cornice vents.

That said, if you have a lot of wind-blown rain and/or a lower slope roof, ridgevent may not be the best idea, and some low profile roof vents or an attic fan (best plan) might be a better way to meet code. This will also be easier for your roofer to accomplish at this point, so you might get more cooperation there…


Yes you need functioning ventilation.


He just layed the membrane over the existing ridge vent channel at the peak of the roof. The soffit vents are still in place and open to the atmosphere.


The inspectors don’t seem to know anything. They don’t get on the roof either. Pretty sad. I thought the inspection that we have to pay for is so the roofer can’t screw us. What if I was a 70 year old woman who can’t get on the roof myself. Just another way for the state to get involved to get paid apparently.


Have you tried talking to the building commissioner? I would recommend in person, it would be harder for him to dismiss you. In my experience if you need something simple from the commissioner it’s best to just show up an hour after they have opened.


Thanks for all tour replies. I’m going to try and locate the building commissioner.


Is this an all hip roof or is this a gable roof?
If gable, are there any gable


That is a good question roof lover. I have seen plenty of Gable vent only houses that vented just fine.


Its a hip roof. The pitch is 6 or 7 /12.


You need to have ridge vent on this roof so it will cool properly in the summer heat.
I am a standing seam installer. I specialize in metal roofing of various types.
You can use other types of ventilation, although the ridge vent is aesthetically
more pleasing.