Mechanical seamed roof. Seaming went bad. Im thinking about riveting the standing seams together to compensate. Thoughts?


here is basically what I have. However the exact shape varies and in many places is much more distorted. Some places the second seam made it worse and in some places just a little better. This was messed up by an electric seamer. I dont want to spend a lot of time on whys and whens. The roof is done, just i know it has nowhere near the strength that it would have if properly double seamed. We have tried to go over the seams with several different hand seamers, but in many places it’s still inadequate. Im not interested in doing this entire job again or unfolding and re seaming these. This is my house, Im doing this for myself.

What Im thinking of doing is putting fasteners, horiz through the standing walls and clips, like shown here in green: (clip not shown)

now i know this partially defeats the hidden fastener idea, but i only bought a hidden fasten system to help prevent leaks into my home, so im thinking if water does leak thru the rivets, it wont go through the peel and stick, because these rivets dont and at the end of each panel on the eave there are slight opening for water to drain and Im thinking fasteners like interlock rivets wont likely leak, but if they do slightly over time, it should drain out the eave end.

This is my roof here and all those panels left of the seamer have been double seamed by the seamer, where you see my arrows is shaped like my 1st image above. Where you see the stars is where Im thinking of riveting and where you see the lightning is a small opening (drain) if any small amounts of water might get inside the seams at the rivets.

Gulfcoast versaloc. And yes ive spoken to them about this and several roofers too.

Thank you.


If the first stage is locked I wouldn’t worry about it. Is it aluminum or steel?


While its not gonna win a beauty contest I’d just leave it be. Putting those rivets in would do more harm than good in this situation.