Looking to buy good used roofing equipment



We are looking to purchase some roofing equipment. We are looking for good used equipment no junk please.

We are interested in flat roof saw, gas cut off saw, A frame hand hoist, Trash chutes, screw guns with the long arm attachments, heat welders and 1 robot welder, and possible others.

We are located in the Akron Ohio area. So the equipment must be close enough for us to pick up. Unless the freight charges and price of tool(s) is feasible.


so you are willing to buy someone elses headaches rather than warratied new equiptment? i have alot of “used” equiptment just laying around the yard.


Nothing wrong with buying used roofing equipment. I still have some good running equipment I bought used for built up roofing.

I would check on craigs list, ebay or even some of the big roofing co. in your area my have equipment for sale.

Good Luck


If it is good equipment that is usable and reliable then I am interested. I am not interested in junk equipment. I am intersted in used equipment becuase I know there are companies that are cutting back on the amount of crews they are running. Thank You.


We are still looking for all of the above listed items. Does anyone have or know of someone that has these items for sale.



I have a Leister Varimat V2 automatic welder I bought brand new in October of 2015 used on 3 flat TPO Roofs. In great shape just needing to sell due to profession change. Email me if interested at Jtmason21@gmail.com and I’ll send pictures


RhinoBond Tool (with carrying case)

  • Magnetic Heat Sinks (12 included with 2 carrying case)$3000