Looking for an Owens Corning Certified Roofing Company in North Texas . Denton County


message me if you are or know someone who is the aforementioned.


Duration Certified? Lol
GAF Master elite certified?


Certified to install super crappy shingles and give a super duper for real lifetime warranty…


They sure are pretty though…


That’s just mean. Really…


You probably don’t remember being that obviously you don’t work and instead spend all of your time on this site that I sent you a very nice message. Seriously… you are mean. This is supposed to be here to help people…


Honestly, find yourself a good quality experienced roofer who doesnt just send cheap subs out. Single installation certifications are a joke. Most company’s just send one guy from the office out, pay the 50 bucks and he gets the free lunch then they are “certified”… Then they hire the cheapest sub crew they can find to Shingle your house. Sad fact… but that is what the majority of the company’s doing substandard work do.


Good Morning kelli,

Where is your property located? I would like to talk with you and discuss your project.
We have been in business 9 years. I am new to this site. We do work in Denton County.