Lien in Texas - Advise


Fellow contractors,

I have a bad customer that is not willing to release final payment to us. Insurance has sent out an adjuster to confirm that the job has been completed per contract but in the homeowners mind, we missed repairs. Anyhow, I would like to send her an intent to lien letter to see if this can put some pressure and we can get paid. Any ideas, letter formatting tips? I am located in Texas.

Thank you,


Liens seem to work differently state to state. If it is a relative small amount, file in small claims and move on. If it is bigger than small claims, have an attorney collect. I don’t like all that bluffing, threatening and posturing crap. Take action or move on.


Send an invoice with any discounts taken away. Plus remind them that warranty is only good if they pay the agreed upon amount. This usually wakes them.


Did they get a lien release from you? My mortgage company required a lien release and I am thankful they did as the work is shoddy and now things are coming off and you can see the glued together with silicone triple layer from my last post. I am heartbroken too because these people I hired are repping themselves as veterans. I have caught them in so many lies etc. Sorry about the rant, its just… uugh. anyway, if you can just fix it. What are they complaining about? If my folks would just do it right I wouldn’t have to keep calling them back, but the shortcuts to make a big profit is probably costing them more than if they just did it right the first time. I have to have it correct because I am sure they will not honor the warranty. heartbreaking.