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Lots of good advice on here so far. Even if you’re doing organic SEO, pay-per-click (PPC), social media, and other forms of inbound marketing, it doesn’t necessarily equate to more leads.

There are optimizations that have to be done on your site to generate the leads once they make it to the site. Maybe you put a big call to action on a landing page which encourages visitors to request a free estimate and perhaps get free tips on doing a self assessment of their roof. Now you’re delivering value on a couple different levels and building trust with the lead.

Once they’ve filled out the form and you have their contact information, the job is not done. There is nurturing that should take place to continue building trust and delivering value through drip email marketing and other means of softly contacting them.

How many people are using email marketing campaigns on the leads that come through their websites?


A lot of contractors dont realize that it takes more then just buying a lead to be able to convert it. The problem with homeadvisor is 1. they sell their leads to way to many businesses. 2 They automatically send you emails with leads and charge you for that on the down-low. 3. They are too big. They cant verify all their leads so many of them are crap. We have had more luck with smaller more niche ones like www.projectquote.com - We also use a lot of SEO, and PPC but see good results from all of them


We used a telemarketing lead service to get a spark in some communities this summer. Worked pretty well. One $250 lead turned into three 70 sq jobs on the same street. Worth it in that case.


We are investing in local SEO. It’s going great. You have to find quality web agency that knows what are they doing, and not some shady company. Insist on monthly reports and to show you overall plan for your website.

I just opened new office in Raleigh . You can track the results


Hello Ahforensic,

Local SEO is such an important subject and should be known very well. One thing you should check is that all your contact details are exactly the same across the board, meaning in each listing you have in any web directory.

When I say this I mean things like, check your opening times on FB and on Google My Business, if you have not even filled in your opening times then well you won’t rank well locally. You’re Email and every small detail should be matched. IT’s called NAP, Name Address and Phone Number but includes opening times and categories and so forth. One category listing is better then 2 or 3 so be careful and choose wisely.

Don’t add too many links at once and stay away from poor or paid directories, also many of these come with a No Follow link which is just a slap in the face, it’s like dealing with a Doctor who has dead plants in his surgery.

We all want whats good for our baby (website) some of us forget to get digging away and tendering to our website, like the Dr forgetting to water the plants but giving out advice on what makes you well.

We all want lots of links with high PR but be careful who you link to, every action holds a reaction, that’s called a consequence. Articles is a good way to go but very time consuming, maybe employing a copy writer but be sure to check your not buying duplicate content from them, http://www.copyscape.com is a good source to check.

Regardless how many likes, links or shares you get not all are good.

When you pray for rain remember you need to deal with the mud

If you have something interesting to say please share with me.

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Thank you for the information.

Currently campaign is going great. Now I’m ranking a YouTube video on Google. Soon I’ll have multiple properties on page 1 :slightly_smiling:



How much are you spending on average per lead? Is that better then investing in SEO?



We don’t go over $20-$30


Most SEO companies that I deal with (being in the industry) charge $1,500+ / month for SEO.

I’ve found that most lead gen sites (Home Advisor, etc) charge an average of $50 - $55/lead. Some places charge as little as $25.

For local roofing companies I’d suggest getting a “Local SEO” package, which is more about your local listings than conventional SEO. Pricing is in the same ballpark.

At $50/lead you would need 30 leads a month to break even. That’s completely possible for online leads, in my opinion.

At $25/lead you’d obviously need 60 leads per month to break even.


Thanks for the info. I think we will stick with SEO because is more long term strategy. Pay per lead to me is like PPC where is pay to play. Once we stop paying everything stops, and with SEO in the long run I can get better ROI



Everything can work. the question is what brings the best ROI and the best leads



Local SEO is a form of SEO for local businesses that centres on ensuring your NAP information is accurate across directory sites, citation sites, and your business’ digital real-estate.

For example, when you do a search for ‘roofing companies’ in whatever area you’re in (let’s say “roofing companies Illinois”) then you’ll see ads at the top, followed by the ‘map pack’ of 3 roofing related businesses below.

Google uses a lot of the Local SEO ranking factors to determine which companies are featured in this 3-pack for the local/maps area. And considering ~40% of all local searches end in a click on one of those businesses (if the map pack is shown) then I consider it pretty important.

PPC is another kettle of fish entirely :slight_smile:


SEO is going ok for now. I think I’ll invest more in Social Media



I can tell you for sure that local SEO is the best long term strategy. PPC and other mediums work but hands down, Local SEO is an evergreen strategy that once done will give you virtually “free leads” month in and month out.



Most big lead sites (Home Advisor, Angie’s List, Service Magic, etc) give pretty low quality or worthless leads.

The best way is to get a good internet marketing firm (a challenge in itself) that works in the roofing industry to generate leads EXCLUSIVELY for you on your behalf. It may at certain times be more expensive (usually not) but most of the time the lead quality is far superior and you can make MORE than your investment back on just the first few new customers for the entire year.

I have some experience in this area is anyone wants to chat, just email me and we can pick a time to jump on a call.



The best lead gen. has always been word of mouth hands down. The ways of the internet make SEO and a good social presence even better. Industry giants like Home Advisor (Now ANGI Home Services, yup they bought Angie’s List) have an outdated model of over selling leads and driving quality through the floor.

Service.com is a startup that hopes to change that with our market place model. We will be going nation wide later this year!


Good call, Facebook Ads are vastly underpriced for the return right now. Just don’t make the mistake of treating it like Google, the mentality of the user is different and your strategy needs to reflect that. Use Facebook to get to them early to build trust with a Guide or Checklist or piece of free information, then close them on Google when they’re ready to move forward.


I am a freelancer, i generate telemarketing leads exclusive for one company service its very close and personal since i work for 1 or two companies at a time but in different areas, I use to work for telemarketing services that would call areas massively and very irresponsibly to generate roofing leads lots of telemarkerters calling tryna to make a lead thats how bad leads are created, now i do this on my own with a small team that takes care of the company we work for very professional and responsible solidconstructionleads@gmail.com we work anywhere in the country


I can help any roofing company get “QUALIFIED REAL CUSTOMER LEADS” and to prove it i will get you a few FREE calls to any number you would like… no strings attached. I work exclusively with roofing companies because i have background in construction and rehabs, so i know what a great lead really is… If you need help getting “not generating” real calls please feel free to email me at globalstars@msn.com or call me (909) 648-5227 Ant Walsh.


We pulled in about 45 roofing requests around the country last week. Projected to double that next month with our digital marketplace as we ramp up. If anyone is looking for more business we would love feedback as we build our software.