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I am currently interested if anyone on here has had a positive experience with a lead generation service. If so, let me know what service that you used. I currently receive leads from my website and former customer, but am interested in trying other avenues. Thanks


How are you able to receive leads to your business? Is it via Internet, through calls or advertisement?


Very few of our clients have had much luck with lead generation services. No matter the service there are going to be bad leads and wasted time. Roofing Appointments has the best reviews from any of our clients i n regards to this service and I have been told that was with a successful ratio of around 35% good leads.


Here are some suggestions about what to look for - and what to avoid - when evaluating a lead generation service:

  1. Exclusive vs. Resold leads - The big companies, like Home Advisor - get a lead and then sell it over and over again. In the past year or two smaller lead gen companies are emerging that work exclusively with one client per area. This does not mean that the client on their own may not contact other roofers on their own, but it saves you from being one of 3, 4, 5 or more roofers contacting the same lead.

I should acknowledge that services like Home Advisor, Angie’s, etc have some benefits that a smaller exclusive lead gen company cannot offer…like the centralized reviews on a high traffic site for instance. So my suggestion is always to use both for a while, maybe permanently. Do enough on those large sites to keep a positive profile. But use the exclusive model to really focus on build your business in the long run.

  1. Call vs Email leads - The dominant online model of lead gen has been through email capture. Basically a website with an email sign up form is used. Typically some freebie is offered to get people to sign up. These leads are then processed and sold (and resold) by the lead gen company. Leads like this are cold to luke warm at best and put the total responsibility for contacting the prospect on you. Often the prospect doesn’t even remember signing up or they just signed up for the freebie. So the quality is low and the prospect cold.

The newer model of lead gen is to publish a phone number on many sites, articles, videos, social sites, etc across the web. This number is forwarded directly to the exclusive client. Ideally the number is published on pages and sites that are keyed to immediate need (“my roof is leaking, what do I do?”). So the typical caller is much more motivated to use your roofing service.

The idea is to get them chasing you, not you chasing them!

  1. Long Term vs Short Term - The exclusive model also allows for a different type of relationship between the roofing client and the lead gen company. Again using Home Advisor as the contrast point, they don’t really care if you buy their lead or not, because they know that they will still get 3-5 other local companies to buy that cold email lead. Their focus is immediate here and now (primarily), and any long term focus they have is on their own bottom line, not yours.

But when you are the only client in the area for the lead gen company they are going to be focused on working with you to grow your company over the long term. They will get to know all of your services in detail. They will work to maximize the outreach for those services into every nook and cranny of your service area.

  1. Narrow vs Comprehensive - This is a bit difficult to explain, but most lead gen companies just want to do the minimum to bring in a good return for their efforts. So if they can get away with just doing one website in an area, great!

A lead gen company that is committed to your long term growth will have a different perspective. This relates to the “nooks and crannies” I mentioned above. They will be seeking to get your contact info out to every place possible. For example, I recently told a client that my goal was to have the contact number showing on over 10,000 places on the net within a year. He thought this was a bit crazy and perhaps an inflated number to make an impression. But this is entirely reasonable and doable.

When you start multiplying number of services by high quality urgent keywords by all cities and neighborhoods in a typical metro area and then add multiple listing for all of the above…well the numbers do get very staggering. This kind of comprehensive approach will give the roofer a degree of exposure that really could not be imagined before.

This is getting long so I will end it here. Hope this helps.


Have you thought about doing local SEO?


Doing local SEO isn’t that bad. Its worth trying.


You have received some fabulous advice in the forum. Especially from leadgen. We work with some local businesses and help them generate leads through SEO and inbound marketing. By far a phone call from a website that 100% represents your company is the best type of lead online.

We only work with one type of company in an area and it really helps the client because they are our focus. We want to see their business grow.

If you have any questions regarding SEO, inbound marketing, or other lead questions please let me know. My suggestion would be to either get your current website ranking higher for more searched terms in your area related to your services or get a company that is highly credible and cares about your business to make you a new site to do it.


I was selling roofs in Oklahoma earlier this year, knocking doors, burning fuel ect… Didn’t work out all that well. I have a lot of experience in marketing and have worked for a few lead generating companies for real estate and ins. Long story short I now have a small call center and have been setting appointments for contractors in KS, NE, CO, SD, and WY. I know what it takes to get you and your sales people on the roof. I set exclusive appointments and replace any bad leads where most companies will sell the same lead to several contractors. Most web based lead companies will have a prospect fill out a generic online form and send general info out as a lead that is a waste of time also. We talk to each home owner and make sure they have damage and want you there. I can save you the headache of hiring doorknockers, canvasers ect and have 10-15 appointments set the next day. www Americas client referrals com 405-886-1312


Looks like Lead service providers think that lead service companies are great as long as you go with theirs. I have never seen a real contractor praise one, just my observation. I have used a couple for a brief spell, total waste of time & money.


I’ve used Quality Smith…years ago when they pre-qualified and scheduled the appointment for you that was awesome! Now they’re worse than Home Advisor. We’re averaging 3 out every 10 leads Home Advisor sends that we actually get to give an estimate. Leads in the spring and fall from this site aren’t too bad, but leads during the summer and winter are a complete waste of money and time. Even so I keep them on a small budget to take advantage of the other things their service offers. We PAID Angie’s List to be at the top of their search. Contrary to the commercial contractors do PAY. I’m still on the fence there. Having the rating by itself has probably easily paid for itself. In my opinion having a strong website is best. I do wish there were better lead services out there, but who am I kidding? Referrals, knocking doors…truck signage and yard signs will pay for themselves all day long.


Apply local optimization along with Paid Advertising in Adwords. That works pretty well for us.


IMO get a college intern who is a marketing major. They will be able to do basic SEO, local paid search (PPC), and handle your social media.


“IMO get a college intern who is a marketing major. They will be able to do basic SEO, local paid search (PPC), and handle your social media.”

That’s an interesting idea, but just because they have a marketing major doesn’t qualify them in SEO or PPC. Anyone can learn basic SEO and Google makes it easy to do PPC as long as you have the budget.

The best thing to do is have a company help you to develop your own lead generation system and if done correctly, it will generate steady leads for the long term and they will be good real time leads, because they came through your own site.

If you are interested in learning more about what we do you can PM me. I don’t want to post a bunch of information and it be mistaken as me spamming this forum, but you can get started with NO money down. For what we do and the return it can generate, our pricing is extremely reasonable.

I’d be happy to send you some sample sites and put you in touch with a few clients.


Are you utilizing any of the social media sites to generate leads for your business. A couple of options are Facebook ads, Google + ads which are new and seems they are very effective .

You can achieve your goals also by doing some creative and organic social media maintenance and educate your followers about your services.


Lead services are waste of money I think


A few of our clients are insurance agents who were pleased with the work we did to their homes and they now give us leads, it’s local and it gives us some good jobs.

I can say that going out of state for leads is very risky. We once went out of state because we heard of hail storms hitting the area, when we got there the commercial areas showed us there were storms, but when we got to the residential areas, most of the homes already had architectural roofs that held up to hail easily, which was good for the homeowners. Needless to say, that trip didn’t yield much fruit. On my site I’ve preferred SEO appealing to a local audience ever since.


Hi am new to this website and I was interested in talking to you about working with my webpage to create more leads. I am not sure how to get in touch with you.


Hello, I am interested in speaking to you about lead generation for my company. Please call me at 469-595-6059. Thank you


Try Renovation Experts 1-877-247-2571, I just started with them, it’s been about 2 months now. And I keep just getting more and more work. they are getting better and better. It’s worth the call… just tell them where you want to work, as far as county to county or just by zip codes. It’s up to you. I hope this helped you… Good Luck


We use MailStorm for postcards and they’ve done a good job with it. They had same-day turnaround so they could be sent out to my specific area of business. They included a tracking number so we could listen to calls and see exactly where our jobs were coming from/if our postcards even worked. Not sure if this helps but postcards have really helped us out.