Is this a good or bad deal


Hey All-

Getting bids on a new roof and here is the best bid I got so far. My location is Nebraska if that matters (thinking it might be cheaper than on the coasts).

Bid: $3,520.00 for 16 squares of CertainTeed LandMark shingles 1 layer. This price includes tearoff of old asphalt shingles, two layers of ice/weather shield, synthetic underlayment and new plumbing boots, flashing around chimney, gutter apron etc.

Its a pretty basic one day job as I understand it. Just wanted to get your all professional opinion on if this sounds like a good price or if you think I can do better. For what its worth the company is highly reputable and has an A+ rating with BBB and been in busness for 20+ years.


It’s too low.

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Just so I understand correctly, you are saying the bid the company gave me is too low?


In my area yes that is too low, they certainly don’t have insurance included in that quote.


I think It’s too low!


That’s a $5,200 roof, careful what you get. Nebraska Roofer.


I work in Nebraska- that price is WAY to low, that’s roughly a 1/3 to 1/2 of what it should cost. Something isn’t right- they’re cutting corners or not providing what they’re saying they are.

I wouldn’t hire that contractor at that price without some serious vetting.


Too cheap for my market. Get a few prices, go with who you trust not whose the cheapest.


He said two layers of ice and water sheild?
Or Two rows of ice and water sheild?
If he actually said two layers than he is a liar and a fraud!!!




Two rows, not too layers. Apparently 2 rows is what is required by code in Nebraska.


Check the guy out. If he seems legit, I’d jump at it. $220 per square is what we give to contractors who keep us busy throughout the year and to family. I’d bid your house at about $4200 based on the info I’m getting.


Prices can be low if its not the busy season, business is not brisk then roofers can offer such extremely low rates, though the roofer, you say, enjoys a good reputation, go in it with your eyes wide open. Read the offer clearly again to see what is included and exclusions.


Hmm did you check the guy out? Almost two weeks have passed is there any new info?

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That is way too cheap. It should be almost double. I’m sorry but I don’t believe that you got an A+ rated company willing to put on a Certainteed shingle for $220 a square. It should be about $400 a square but I have seen a little less. If anyone is selling for less than $350 a square they are cutting corners (like drip-edge, insurance, licensing).