Is there some where that i can get Quality leads?


Over the last year we have utilized homeadvisor with decent results. We have received approx 320 leads and have closed around 50%. 50% doesn’t sound great but at least 40% of the leads never intended on hiring anyone… they are just being nosey and costing contractors a lot of money. Trust me, we are all in the wrong line of business.


So you essentially closed 90% plus of the valid leads from HA? I’m calling BS. 9 of the last 10 leads we received from HA, before canceling the service, were bogus. They were even sending the leads to Hispanic subs. I suppose if you want to give your services away, HA is fine. Trying to get credit for a bogus lead is like pulling tree teeth I won’t spend another penny with HA.


We have gotten 7 reroofs in the last week
Some weeks none.
Just have to keep quoting and doing repair.
Hurricane Matthew brought us lots of repair, mostly leaks that were wind driven and or resulting from leaves being piled up.
We do not use HA the leads are weak.


i understand your predicament, have you tried Angie’s list? You can find great websites to generate leads from just by searching roofing in google, usually the first couple of results will bring you to places like home advisor. im sure theres alternatives to home advisor in your area if you just search for it.


We tried everything and the biggest success was investing in out own website. On the other side, finding a quality marketing company was a pain in the a…



I provide high quality leadgen services for the roofing industry. Feel free to contact me at and we can set up a consultation.


I have to agree with the sentiment here. Invest in your own website, or direct mail, or door-to-door. Don’t go to a service like Home Advisor or Angie’s List, where the leads don’t belong to you, and you alone.

If you have a good website, you can do a TON more with it because you control it. It’s an asset of your business that can continue to bring value. If HA or another lead service stops working or changes, then you lose that stream and have no control over it.

If I were to list in order the lead sources that you can use to bring you more free estimates, from quickest results (and higher cost) to slower results (but lower cost), I would say:

  • PPC - you can start getting calls for estimates within 1-2 weeks
  • Facebook - you can start getting calls for estimates fast, but it will take more time to set up, and might take longer to get results (the ads should be much cheaper than PPC)
  • SEO - this is a marathon and will take months to see results…but once it’s working you can start to really lead in your local market, and the ongoing costs can be much lower than ads.

Hope this helps.



Word of Mouth is always the best form of lead gen., hands down. If you need a bump in leads though, is a market place startup that will be launching later this year and we will do away with paying for bad leads.


Hey Rob,

A quality website is the first place to start, always. It’s your virtual salesman and it has to look good and trustworthy.

If budget is an issue, the internet offers free strategies that I discuss here. Just requires time:

If you’re willing to invest some money, AdWords is about as good as it gets. People want roofer, people search roofer, you show up, and only pay if they click on you.

I’m finding Facebook ads to be vastly underpriced for the return but that won’t last long. If you know how to use it correctly (NOT like AdWords) you can make a killing.

And with either of these, running Remarketing to stay in front of people who have visited you is crucial, especially in an industry like roofing where the buying decision takes time.

Above all, best advice with the ads is make sure you have someone experienced running it for you. You can waste a lot of money trying to do it yourself or giving it to an inexperienced employee.

Hope that helps.


We hired a company that has blown up our leads so much we can hardly keep up! YROC consulting based out of San Angelo, Texas! Cory and his team have really improved our business! (



The problem with lead gen companies is that most will resell same lead 4-10 time. Even when they tell contractos “only 3-4” companies get same lead" it’s often not true… actually since you mention Home advisor, there is a class action against them right now by 1000s of contractors

I never got leads from them, but did try quality smith back in like 2006-2007 … they were all junk…

So quality lead - best come from your own site (assuming you have traffic). If you don’t, i’ve built a local roofers platfors where all leads are free (as in beer), and will always be free. But since they are free, we do not verify them. However most are very good - check it out -

#34 works exclusive for one company in any area only sells lead once and its guaranteed exelent quality


I can help any roofing company get “QUALIFIED REAL CUSTOMER LEADS” and to prove it i will get you a few FREE calls to any number you would like… no strings attached. We do not charge upfront cost only pay for real paying customers.
I work exclusively with roofing companies because i have background in construction and rehabs, so i know what a great lead really is… If you need help getting “not generating” real calls please feel free to email me at or call me (909) 648-5227 Ant Walsh.


Thumb tact has provided me with several qualities and way cheaper than home adviser I do agree home advisor sucks


They might be worth the $350/yr for a page on their site and the backlink for yours if your website needs some help ranking for roofing. As for lead generation, they are Service Magic. Leads suck and they will screw you out of some money somehow, sooner or later.
Roofer Mike


Is ThumbTack the DIAL Fast model that goes to a number of contractors and the first 3 to call get through to a lead. To quote my kids “RiDONKuLOUS!”


Hey Rob, Home Adviser and Algomizer are good at charging you money, but to get the kind of results you want will take a little time and someone who knows, not only the basics of SEO, (Search engine optimization) but who knows the deeper background behind WHY your site should bring leads or not. What area are you roofing in? I just created a pest control site and expect if will take about 1 to 2 months to begin to hit the top of the search pages for my area. It takes a lot of effort to get that done. I may be able to help you do the same in your area. feel free to message me and I’ll see if we can’t get you the leads you need. :slight_smile:


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