Is there some where that i can get Quality leads?


i have tried Home Adviser And Algomizer and i haven’t generated any leads


Do great work and provide great service, you’ll get a lot of referrals from your existing Customers. Best leads of all.

Home Advisor is the old Service Magic and they suck in my humble opinion. Best source of leads is to invest time and money into SEO and Social Media. Generate your own leads instead of sharing them with 6 other Home Advisor Contractors.


Thanks Authentic_Dad Our Company Has A Great Customer Base And Referrals, I Am Just Trying To Grow In To A Larger Company…And You Are Right Home Advisor Sucks…I Will Take Your Advise And Invest IN SEO …I Was Just Trying To Find A More Inexpensive Route


Home advisor is not worth trying, imo.


We just started down this path 7 weeks ago. I finally had all I could take off Angie’s list, home advisor and others. Was referred to a guy to help us with this and I’m really happy with his work thus far. This isn’t a quick fix and it isn’t cheap. But it isn’t any more than you spend on those other leads and the leads are coming to you alone, not five other contractors you compete with. Plus, a really good web site can help sell your customer before they even contact you.

Also be prepared to do a fair amount of the work yourself unless you really want to spend a ton of money. I don’t mind because I write reasonably good and frankly, I’d rather tell our story than have someone else do it.

Good luck!


SEO is only good if you offer your services over LARGE areas. If your only in a couple of counties at most then you can come up organically via your website. SEO salesmen are todays version of phone book salesman. Like Authentic_Dad said just do work and that alone will enable your company to grow big. Now growing too big too fast is the quickest way to ruin.
I agree Home Advisor is a scam, stay away. I have the basic Angie’s List listing and have gotten decent work from it, don’t pay extra for all the gimmicky advertising.
The key is generating GOOD leads. This won’t be done via a lead service as you are competing with low ballers as apposed to people seeking you out specifically for your quality workmanship. This is the key.

ROOFER TIP: Good work ain’t cheap and cheap work ain’t good.


I wasted money on the Home Advisor type of leads several years ago, the leads were weak.
In my area I am seeing the bigger companies spending big bucks on TV ads. That’s a big expense. (not me).
I do alot of repairs and those lead to re-roofs when I find storm damage.
When I am installing a roof I canvas the neighbors and that often finds more work.
For my SEO I use
You go in there and tailor it yourself add all your key words zip codes. It makes a great site to help you get found.


WHAT?? SEO works in ALL locations whether big or small and technically if you’re in a smaller area it costs less. Ive got a roofing lead generation web site bringing in numerous leads a month since its ranked in the google map area. I got 2 phone calls in the last 2 days! Everyone has a website now so how do you make your website seen by everyone typing in “roofing company houston” or whichever city your in. People dont call the roofing company on the TV except when big storms roll thru… when they need a roofer they go to Google.

My roofing company is VERY happy with the extra work and is now working on a second website. Take a look at the site:


Yes SEO works in ALL locations, but there is no need to go with an SEO specific provider. There are many other ways to get your company website on the first site organically in a local area. The first is being one of, if not THE best company in your area. 2 phone calls in 2 days? Is that good? I service customers looking for quality, not the bargain shoppers or insurance customers, as I mentioned in my previous post.
I didn’t read thru your entire website, but you may want to fire the person that made it for you.
Under the call and ask about us section, they wrote, “you can’t wrong here.” I’m thinking you wanted, "you can’t go wrong here."
Your web site provider should have proof read this, even if YOU did provide the content. If i read it all I am sure I can find other mistakes. And on a constructive note, your site is too cookie cutter generic. You need to personalize it more.


Expert roofer, as usual, you’re wrong. It’s obvious you know very little about how seo really works. I would think most people work within a fifty mile radius, that’s not a small area. It would involve numerous towns and cities. Even if it is five cities you want business in, if your company doesn’t come up on the first two pages when the most common searches are used, you’re getting almost no business from your website.

It’s easy to check yourself. Pull up your browser and type in searches for roofing contractor your town, roof repairs your town, roof replacement your town and see where you come up. Type in the cities for all the areas you want to get work from.

Yrs, there are a lot of charlatans out there advertising false promises. You need to find a good person that doors real seo work or you’re wasting your money. Do your homework them hire a professional to help you. If you’re in a highly populated area with lots of competition, is seriously question most people’s ability to do it on their own. The bigger companies have hired professionals or people on staff whose primary job is to handle their website and social media, that’s hard to compete with all on your own.


When I refer to small area I am referring to a 2 county area, so yes, I would consider a 50 mile radius a smaller area where I would not recommend SEO. If Authentic Dad wants to waste his money on it then fine, but don’t spread your bad advice.


Wow dude, you truly are clueless. People can believe what they wish, as I said, people can easily test where they’re at in each city they want to serve by doing a Google Search. What they see will be what everyone else in those cities/areas will see when they do the same searches. If one is satisfied with where they’re at, then take Expert Roofer’s advice. If not, then you obviously need to take some kind of action.


I would recommend to invest in long term organic SEO and Pay Per Click. I have been implementing these strategies on my website since then my website roofing services in Melbourne is ranking better from 10th to 5th page. Based on the ranking I am getting good number of sales.

It is important to smartly invest in PPC because by selecting wrong keywords would result in lose of money. Organic seo is a reliable technique which always help to get leads.


All United Roofing and Siding is on Home Advisor. We have gotten couple good leads off there but nothing to write home about.


I agree referrals are bread and butter ! Home Advisor is a pain in the ass and will charge for the lead but when its time to credit you on one which is touch they don’t credit back your credit card they merely apply it back to the account.


There is a natural law that we can’t get away from - we reap what we sow. I think there is a multitude of ways to build a lead generating system but they all take time. When the storms hit we door knock. When it’s slows down we work on insurance agents and real estate people all the while making sure our website and SEO stuff are being handled by someone much better then me. We run targeted Facebook ads, some radio, and some print. We follow up with each client at least five times a year using Mail Chimp and mail outs like a football calendar. We pay referrals diligently and constantly work Facebook in targeted posts
Bottom line is we market continually. I don’t think we can expect long term steady growth doing things in spurts or just relying on one thing. But the website and organic SEO are an absolute must now days.

I live in a large metroplex but we target specific areas instead of a large area.


Doing a search my keywords come up on the first two pages.
Beneath the paid ads
I know several of the paid ad companies and they pay to keep it up.
I come in close enough for me.
If I want to get found adding keyword polka dot dinasour, I can get found with that. I use notepad HTML, wordpress. Facebook is good I just don’t use it. I’m busy enough with what we have and continually getting called.
Alot is new referral and plain word of mouth.
It takes constantly staying at it and giving customers great attention to detail.
After we install a roof some time I help them out with a ceiling repair.
Doing one tomorrow as a matter of fact.
I match siding at least once every 2 weeks.
I replace window sash or glass packs.
It’s not just one thing though, its providing what they need.
And its like those little things are not big ticket items but it’s so important to the customer because they would have a hard time getting it done.


Where I am from it is illegal to do door to door sales.its called lead above all is word of mouth.make happy customers.and you have to stay consistent in business year after year.we personally don’t do any hard sales.if they here good stuff they call.if they see good long enough the customers canvas the neighborhood for your business.RAO SUB CONTRACTING.


I thought a sign at the entrance of a neighborhood that says no solicitation is an invitation to get in there and help those people out.
The tougher ones have electric gates. You can’t wrong here!


You can try door knocking. Once you close, you stick signs up on there lawn and hopefully more leads will come. But Ive just been reading up on all this, theres a salesman website ive been reading.
You gotta have ppl skills though, most roofers i see are just abrasive when they talk ha