Insurance & Decking / Sheathing payment


DFW Texas contractor had a client with State Farm. Original inspection told me that there was some weak decking on the roof. When we tore the roof off sure enough the decking was extremely brittle and unsafe to walk on the rear slope of the house 4/12 pitch as it was cratering under our feet and a few sheets on the left and right slope. This was not a useable surface. State Farm Refused to cover the replacement of the decking to make it safe to walk or suitable to nail. We already had the roof off so at this point I really had no options. The decking was 7/16ths OSB. Current code in Ft.Worth is 5/8ths (I think?) Customer has Law’s & Ordinance coverage. I feel like they should have paid to re deck the whole house. But they flat out refused. Any suggestions?


Get the homeowner involved. Either the insurance or the homeowner have to pay for it. Not your problem. Let the homeowner work it out. Should be covered under ordinace or law.


We have been denied because h.o. Doesn’t have code upgrade coverage???


Not every policy as ordinance or law. Most Allstate policies don’t.


Every Texas policy has 5,000.00 built in for ordinances and law…I can send you a copy of this section. Code says you have to have a solid sheathing so it should be covered.


I’d like one if this option is open to everyone. Thanks


Page 3, item #6 discusses this point…


If the customer has ordinance coverage it should be covered. I’d get the customer involved and tell them they have to pay for it if the insurance co doesn’t. Get them fired up for having code coverage that isn’t honored. They will do all of the work for you.


Please send me a copy of this as well


Page 3, item #6 discusses this point…


Could you send please?


The portion you are looking for is on page 3, item #6. Hope this helps!


I’m new at this, do you have a link to where I can find it or website? Thank you for the guidance


You can google Texas Insurance Form 1. Also, be aware, as a roofer it is against the law for you to discuss the insured’s policy with the insurance company. You will need to get your homeowner involved in this process because it is a policy issue.


Could you send me a copy please?

Thanks in advance.


Couldn’t find the info. Any way you can send t to me please ?


You got me to bite on googling “texas insurance form 1”, you’re so vague with your description, I should have caught it.



TDI Texas . gov clearly states that Law or ordinance coverage falls under the Extra Coverage (Endorsements) If you want more coverage than the policy offers, you might be able to add an endorsement to your policy for a higher premiums & have the law ordinance under the more common endorsements you should consider adding to your policy, there is “nothing” that states anything in regards to some insurance company who wrote a homeowners policy is on the hook for that homeowner chosing not to pay for law or ordinance, that is strictly between the homeowner & the city…

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