Illinois resident


I have a client in hazel crest IL insurance paid for one side of her wood grain LOOK aluminum siding now is it madantory for ins replace all since that one is discontinued- how do I go about that ? Advice PLEASE


It’s still in production. I’m sitting on a few squares of it. Check with Allside or Revere building products


It’s discontinued ins paid for only 1 side to be replaced the direction the hail came down hit only only side -we searched all over the other 3 sides for some hail hits but only 1 here & there not enough & just a few mechanical (lawnmower) which we know ins doesn’t cover so without 2 sides not being covered we can’t do 4 sides of vinyl to help the homeowner who doesn’t want to pay out of pocket to go a less expensive route- homeowners don’t have $ pay the difference so trying to see if we find loop hole due to discontinued GET them to pay to replace 4 sides but hopefully Monday the ins adjustor gets back to us -so just wondering if ANY1 had prior experience or knowledge


Also thank u for your help I will keep those 2 companies in mind in the future but this siding Even the homeowner hates they sorta were hoping ins would change it out


Being discontinued doesn’t automatically mean they have to replace all of it. It’s an argument you can make but I don’t believe Illinois has a matching requirement in their State Insurance Laws.


Illinois is not a matching state guys.