Ice dam removal calls are coming in like crazy


Yes, corry, you did, and believe me, I do regret my decision! Not necessarily the timing, but definitely the hire!
I highly doubt he will come back, not sure what to do (have a call into GAF)
pm me if you have suggestions?


I’ve heard that steam is the safest method for the roof.

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yea i seen and read about the steam method. the calls are really slowing down now so no need for a steamer. (every one with a truck and a ladder now has ads and sines in the road for ice and roof snow removal) this is the only time in the last 70 years the people in this area really had to worry about it. It was nice while it lasted. i did over 130 jobs related to ice and snow off roofs the last 4 weeks and only have 50 or 60 condos units to do and i’m done working till spring.


here are a few we did


I am so sick of shoveling snow off roofs and breaking ice dams. I can tell you it is actually real easy walking on a snow covered roof. I can walk on a 12/12 with snow and there’s no way I’ll do it without a rope with no snow. The snow was so deep here that my guys would actually walk off the roofs without ladders when they were done. Then we would shovel the snow down below window level on the houses. Unbelievable snows here…


Who do you work for?



Let them know they need soffet and ridge vent and or better insulation to keep the attic the same temp as the out side air and give them a price for that.


AGAPE Jason,

I work for The Almighty GOD. The hours are long and the work often is tough. The retirement benefits are unbelievable(Literally out of this World!!). You wouldn’t believe the life insurance deal I got…


well famous, Like George Carlin said “God’s got plenty of money” so hopfully he’s paying you well.


[quote=“famous”]AGAPE Jason,

I work for The Almighty GOD. The hours are long and the work often is tough. The retirement benefits are unbelievable(Literally out of this World!!). You wouldn’t believe the life insurance deal I got…[/quote]

:roll: As if you didnt know what I meant.

Ok, let me try this again… What roofing company are you employeed by, or own, or are associated with?



EWS Roofing.

Jason, you seem like an OK guy! Where have you been? You are not registered with the CIB under AGAPE. They are starting enforcement now. You were not even listed as pending registration. You can’t do any municipal jobs right now. I know that right now City of Tulsa is enforcing registration for a fact. Maybe you are registered under another name?

From what I understand, they have the power to arrest, seize equipment, and fine. Call me if you are in the dark on this…


I only have the Agape name on here, because a few years ago I was partners with someone else, at Agape roofing. I started my own company in 2009.

Not registered yet. Been busy plowing snow and finishing interior jobs. I’ve done a few roofs in BA and a couple in Tulsa this year.

At this point, I’m pretty irritated at everything and doubt I even bother to continue to sell roofs anyway. I may just close up my shop and do something else.


Oh, and ive read that entire law, top to bottom. Twice. The only thing they can do is fine you $500… If they catch you. There is no one to enforce it currently, they are relying on people to “rat” on each other. Or customers complain I guess.

That whole jail and taking your tools thing is a dirty untrue rumor.



I read it as well and what I read was that there were various classes of misdemeanors. True, misdemeanors are not the same as felonies, but people are arrested for misdemeanors all the time. I check more about the seizures. There’s summaries of the law and the actual code itself. The original bill and law are pretty beefy. City of Tulsa is enforcing right now through their contracting. You can’t receive bids until they confirm your status. Last check, only 3 of us were registered to do city of Tulsa work. Rumor is Cities here will make you pull permit in the future now that state law is in effect. It is a rumor.

Don’t give up on roofing now. This new law will make it wonderful for in-state roofing. No storm chasers now. It took them 4 months to approve my application.


I haven’t done any city work since the libraries I did back in 08. But I may stick it out. I dunno. Guess we will see.


I ran steamers this Winter to remove ice dams and it worked quite well. Started the year with one and now have three.

Minumal fee for shoveling and steaming, 2 hour minumal $500-750 (depending on height, pitch, and yes, demand).

Low pitch roofs we harness off and steam from the roof. High pitch roofs we steam off the ladder which is a really wet ordeal.

We used low pressure steamers from Northern and when 0 degrees or better they worked great. When below zero however they seemed problematic. The trick was to set the pressure as low as possible while still having 250 degrees water.

As far as productivity the warmer the day the faster the ice dams came off. On the coldest day the slowest was on a 18in ice dam which went back about 5 feet, 8-9ft per hour. On the warmest day the fastest was a 8in ice dam that went 3 feet back, 70ft in about an hour.

Most ice dam removal averaged around a grand but one we did was $2,700 single family.

The leads came in word of mouth, phone book (2+ years old), Angies List, and Google.
Two Monday and Tuesdays back to back weeks got about 30 calls per day.


In researching ice dams this Winter strolled onto State Farms website which commented on ice dams.

What caught my attention were the do not do’s,
Rake or shovel off your roof repeatedly. Hard on the shingles.
Use a hammer or anything that pounds onto your roof. Hard on the shingles.
Use salt or calcium chloride on your roof as it’s very corrosive on the flashings and very tough on the landscape materials below.

Every home owner except one who called this Winter for ice dam removal out of many hundred allowed a roofer to chisel channels on there roofs. All the others were dead set on having steam used to rid there ice dams. Before I steamed never dreamed of using a chisel or hammer on an ice dam. We steamed a few roofs were someone had previously hammered on the ice and we could see exactly were they did it!

Early in the Winter tried the ice pucks on roofs and can honestly say they did nothing on large ice dams. As a matter of fact would go as far to say on some ice dams they made the possibility of leaking greater.


We charged $300 for the first hour then $200 an hour there after. Two crews of 3 guys, we were clearing most roofs within an hour or two. Some larger homes all cut up with valleys, hips and dormers would take longer.


Earlier last month i seen a guy with a snow blower up on the roof. I stopped and gave him my card. Just walked up the ladder and let him know he will be needing a roof soon since i seen alot of shigle material on the ground and torn up shingles on the roof. Guy told me to get off his roof. i did but told him hey its not my money.


I really hope you took pics or even better yet a video???