I fear that the ridge vent has been installed improperly :(


A few months ago, we had a new roof put on our home. The old roof already had a ridge vent so the slot was already cut for the most part. Yesterday I noticed that the house seemed quite warm inside but had expected that the new roof and some additional ridge vents would have helped keep the house cooler. It wasn’t all that hot outside. I decided to go up into the attic since it’s really easy to get up there, we have a stair case up to the attic. I was looking around and saw something I believe to be incorrect installation of the ridge vent. When I was looking up at the crevice that is cut out of the roof for the vent…what I see there is the plastic sheeting that goes over the entire roof. My question is; shouldn’t that plastic have been cut out of the ridge before they put down the ridge vent? How will air get out with the plastic down? I am going to contact my contractor but I want to have some educated advice if he claims this is the correct way to install. I’m just a housewife so I certainly I am no authority on the subject but in my mind I feel this is not correct. I did do some google searching and that also confirmed my fears. Any advice would be appreciated…thank you! Just as a mention, the ridge vent is Owens Corning and so is the moisture barrier plastic sheeting or whatever you call it…the roll of plastic they put over the entire roof.


That is the underlayment and you are correct it needs to be cut out.


I was going to post “underlayment” but the spell checker kept telling me it wasn’t a word. HAHA! Thank you so much. Any advice on how to tell my roof contractor they did it wrong?


Refer them to this post.


I have, since this first post, been told that there is supposed to be a porous material between the roof and the ridge vent. Is this correct? Do you all know what it is called or could post a link to a photo? Thank you!


I imagine that “porous material” would be the ridgevent itself, otherwise I’m not familiar with the terminology.

You should be able to just let the roofer know that the slot wasn’t cut open, I’m sure it was an oversight, it happens sometimes.

If it can’t be accessed from the inside the vent is going to have to be removed, the slot cut open, and the ridgevent replaced.


Thank you so much. You can get into my attic fairly easily although an addition to the house may be a bit difficult. Do you think it could be cut out from the underneath? That would be a cheaper fix for them. Otherwise I think we are talking a few hundred dollars in supplies.


A customer called me with a similar problem a year ago. I had given him an estimate for a new roof on his home but he went with a “cheaper” roofer. The other roofer lapped the underlayment (GAF Deckarmor) over the ridge rather then cutting it. Then he refused to come back and address the problem. He ended up paying me to correct the problem. One thing to consider once your problem is addressed. Ridge vents are not meant to cool your attic space. It is meant to move and circulate air and moisture out. Long Island Roofing Contractor.


Thank you! I found the product that was used in case anyone is interested in the exact vent they used. It is called VentSure Rigid Roll Ridge Vents made by Owens Corning. I found it at the Owens Corning website and also found the exact instructions of how to install it. There isn’t anything put down under this particular one. Owens Corning Ventsure Rigid Roll
Edit to add: What would happen without the proper ventilation?


I have a bit to add to this and another question about venting. Since I started this thread, I have learned a little bit. First off, I went into a Lowe’s store where they sell this particular ridge vent. I looked closely at it and I can see that on the underside, there is attached a thin fibrous gray paper or fabric like underlayment. So I went up into my attic where I can see all of the vents and I find that over my living area, the vents are installed correctly which is a huge relief. I can see the fibrous underlayment there. BUT, I have an attached garage and carport, this is where I had first noticed the plastic underlayment because it’s right at the top of my attic steps. Above the garage, I looked at the entire length of the ridge vent and the whole thing is showing the plastic roof underlayment, so apparently they forgot to cut it out before installing it. Another thing that is concerning me is that the old ridge vent was longer than the new ridge vent so when I questioned him after the roof was done, HE said that it is OK to be shorter and that an un-airconditioned and un-heated structure is NOT required to have a vent at all. I am in the state of Ohio, does this sound correct to y’all? Could it be OK to not have any exhaust vents in the attic of a garage? BTW, the garage and house attic are opened to each other.

The contractor is going to come look later on this afternoon. I’m sure hoping that he will admit his mistake and get this fixed. I will let y’all know when I find out what he says.


Well the contractor came out and the ridge vent over the garage is going to have to be taken off. He was really angry almost as if he was mad at me about it. Heck, it’s not my fault and excuse me for being observant. He kept arguing that the garage didn’t need to be vented. I said “so I have a ridge vent that doesn’t do anything?” I am not a happy camper at this point.


He should be able to cut the underlayment from inside the attic and avoid removing the ridge vent. Would be much easier and just as good.


He was going to do that and then came down from the attic and said he couldn’t do it and would have to remove the whole thing. Don’t ask me? I don’t get it.


i have sometimes put ridge vent where we didnt cut it out “for looks only” to match other sections
But the section didnt need it, actually detracted proper flow or was a water intrusion issue in that area.

Like telling homeowner you are going to put ridge vent everywhere and then later discover you have some sections with a ridge board in the way,
So now you didnt increase ventilation,
You only increased possible water intrusion.


Roof lover, I’m not exactly sure what you are saying here but in our case, there needs to be a ridge vent and was a ridge vent there before. If anything, being too short kind of actually looks STUPID and where there used to be an old ridge vent but now there isn’t one, there is just an opening which they did NOT cover with any new roof decking so it’s just a hole there without a ridge vent but just cap shingles over it. I was told this isn’t correct either as the roof cap could begin to sag over time without any decking below it. The contractor isn’t telling me there should not be a ridge vent, he’s just saying that there doesn’t HAVE TO BE one. I’ve also been in touch with a family member that does a lot of building but just not a roofer. I explained everything and he’s well familiar with my roof as he’s done a lot of work for us over the years and in his opinion the garage/carport should have had a ridge vent from end to end for proper ventilation.


I Do Iike my ridge vent to extend end to end
All the way
"Rake to Rake" for top cosmetic purposes.
And so on all my roofs where i utilize ridgevent,
Some will be there with no actual hole cut out.
Just giving more perspective…


I have discovered why the guy couldn’t just cut it out from inside of the attic. When I looked in the slit that he had cut opened, I found that the roofer had not cut the shingles from the vent hole. So rather than telling me that he will have to actually take the ridge vent off and cut out the shingles…he lied and told me “it’s just too hot in the attic and too tight to cut it from in the attic”. Apparently he thinks I’m a total idiot and wouldn’t figure it out. Oh well, he is supposed to come next week and redo the ridge vent cap.


It’s not always possible to cut the stuff out from the inside, and removing the vent isn’t a big deal.


Yes, there’s definitely no way to remove shingles from the inside. He had no idea that there were shingles there. When the owner came to the house to check it out, he had his box cutter in hand ready to go cut out the underlayment plastic. He told me “they just forgot to cut the plastic out, that’s all, I will just cut that out, it’s not a big deal…stuff happens…they were in a hurry to finish…blah blah blah.” Making excuses. Neither of us dreamed he would find uncut shingles behind that plastic. Then he started making up stuff and said “it’s just too hot” so I said "why don’t you come in the morning when it’s cool? So then he says “it’s too tight to get in there”. It is not anything tight, it’s wide open to get to. He just didn’t want to admit that it was done as a fake ridge vent by his roofer.


You were smart enough to have found this out despite not having any roofing experience. Yes thats right that plastic sheet needs to be cut off so that warm, humid air could escape out of the attic and you get a cooler house.
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