How would you rate this roofing job?


Chimney flashing and half cricket:
"Finished" chimney flashing:
Mess: (Not really important, it was cleaned up, just little pieces of felt left behind)

My issues:

This was a roofing job done for my parents. Are my issues valid, what do you think? I also do not want them to come back, so what is the best way to go about this?


While its not top quality and some things need to be addressed I see far worse than this all the time. My biggest gripe is some of the flashing details. Some of your concerns are legit but some are completely unnecessary (example “multiple bent cap nails”). What made you choose this roofer? In my area average roofers do average (not top quality) work and this roof isn’t to far off an average shingle roof install.


We went with this roofer because he had done another family members roof years before. The total price for this job was just under 10k, with ~4k already paid.


In my opinion, that’s a pretty bad roof. Chimney will be leaking inside of two years. Looks like he didn’t cut in the flashing. Other flashing looks very questionable. Valley okay at best. Exposed nails without being sealed? Pretty much everything I looked at was less than mediocre or downright bad.


Your parents have a crappy roof not. They may have had a better old roof then the new one.

What part of the country are you in?


Located in western PA


The work is a mess and it’s going to cost more than the outstanding amount to rectify and that’s with what you can see and will happen in the not so distant future.
I wouldn’t be looking to pay anymore and in fact I’d want the first $4000 back
The standard of work a contractor has achieved in the past is no indication of what he’s capable of in the present
If you’re thinking of taking on a contractor look at his most recent (3) sites and talk to the owners
Get a report from an independent building inspector and give it to him advising that your parents wish to follow with a solicitors letter claiming damages and there’s nothing you can do about it unless a way out is found and agreed to,
but do it nicely.



Low nails are a good indicator that the installers do not have enough experience to properly lay out a roof. Leaving them there and calling the job “complete” is an indicator of laziness and lack of quality control by management.


Low nails are an indication that they are at least trying to nail the shingles correctly as opposed to nailing too high.

Low nails should definitely be repaired by replacing with a new shingle, that being said I have seen hundreds if not thousands of exposed nails on 20+ yr old roofs that were not leaking.

Low nails are the least of the issues with this roof.


Totally agree. Just an easy indicator of a terrible job.


That exposed nail at the bottom of the saddle/chimney valley is in the worst possible spot and is going to leak for sure.

I’ve already seen this on [H] & Reddit.