How would you handle this contractor?


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Am I correct? The repair was a new stainless steel termination bar at the top of the entire parapet. New membrane on the entire parapet wall and they coated areas where there were leaks and a few problem areas.

I ask this because the OP didn’t really mention what looks like new membrane on the entire parapet wall.

How many SF of Parapet wall and LF of Term Bar were used? If that entire parapet wall was redone that was a cheap repair.


Not defending silicone on that roof because that is a modified roof which had a 12 year warranty around 20 years ago. No sence throwing good money on top of a shot substrate.

To do a silicone system properly is not cheap.
One day to clean, one day to prep, 2 days to coat. The material itself is not inexpensive once you add up all the components It’s about the same cost for material as a new modified roof. There will be more labor involved removing the old roof, but well worth that investment.


Hi Justin,

The termination bar is the previously installed bar. Their quote for $4500 included removing the caulk behind the termination bar, removing the debris, inspecting the roof, and then patching. They didn’t caulk and didn’t remove debris. Since they didn’t remove any debris, I have no idea how they inspected under all that mud.

The only thing that they did was throw on those patches, as far as I can tell. None of those spots were leaking other than a spot where dunk kids came on to the roof and punctured the membrane.

MPA–Believe it or not, it is only 7 years old. That makes a lot of sense. And then put a coating on the new roof membrane, right? The quote for a new roof was $30,000-$40,000.



Was the old roof torn off 7 years ago?


Nope. It only had a new membrane installed.


Not to be harsh, but that is why your roof looks the way it does, and why it was easy for neighbors to make holes. When a membrane is installed over multiple layors it does not adhere properly nor does it last as long.

Best investment you can make is strip everything off, install a new roof, then you have better options in the future. Make sure the terracotta coping comes off before installing the new roof and either replace it with metal coping or flash the new roof properly and reinstall


You could always do a rain dance and pray for a hail storm. Hail season is end of Feb to early May. Wait a year and make a decision.


No, you are not correct.
Just no. Lol


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MPA–Believe it or not, it is only 7 years old.

Oh, than you are able to proceed with the procedures as described by MPA with a good crew
4 days if everything labor, weather, material, timing is absolutely perfect.
Dont expect it to be.
Unless you have a strong relationship with the Lord. Then you got it, no problem.


I ask because the difference in granule color. The parapet wall has been redone since the roof has been redone.


Oh dang, i think you may have a very valid point.
Maybe the walls were redone seven years ago
But the flat was not!!
I think so!
Because those pics of the flat DO Not resemble 7 year deterioration.
He said “believe it or not”
I am definitely on the Not side…