How would you handle this contractor?


Our residential building had a roof leak arising from teenage neighbors who punctured the membrane. When we received quotes from 4 contractors, all 4 wanted to do additional repairs. This contractor claimed to have recalled the termination bar, to have patched deteriorated surfaces with Alsan, to have dried and cleaned ponding water and inspect the membrane underneath, to have sealed the membrane in the area of ponding with Alsan (in my opinion, not the way to go here), to have removed the debris on the roof preventing draining.

From what I can see, they put down a few sloppy Alsan patches and didn’t even bother to remove the debris. The final charge was over 4 grand! The boss was not there during the work, so this could be errant employees. However, he is insisting that the bill be paid without coming out to see the work himself.


Sounds like you feel like you were treated unfairly.
The cost to replace your roof is really going to blow your mind.

Pay your roofer and choose a different one in the future if you feel you didnt get your moneys worth.

Personally when it comes to repairs.
The bulk of your bill is Warranty and profit
Not the material or labor…
Did he use his knowledge to find the leak?
You not bringing it up, suggest he did.
And even if you dont really know…
It doesnt matter, that is why you pay a professional roofer who gives you a warranty with the price.

It seems you are upset over the cosmetics of his preventative maintenance repairs…
On a old, ugly flat roof that needs replacing
That no one can see unless you are standing over it??

Even though i am a top expert at repairs,
I am doing less and less of them.
I am literally turning money down every day.
Why spend my time doing repairs
When i can make 3x the money replacing roofs
And i dont have the possibility of dealing with an unappreciative homeowner who thinks that i am charging too much to diagnose and fix their leak and then complain because they can see where i fixed it.


Bad repair job. While a repair isn’t beautiful, this repair is not only cosmetically bad, it is repair bad. You’ll never make a bad roof a good one by repair, but you can extend it for a few years which is what I believe you were looking for…


Did your roofer say he was reworking all the imperfections on the roof?
Every seam, every protrusion?

Or did he guarantee to
Fix that leak and then work on some other possible leaks that he sees could be an issue now or in the future?


And why are you blaming your neighbor for your old roof?

Why wont you accept responsibility for your old roof??

Oh, and you were not planning to sell the property any time soon were you???
Because know that no matter how much you pay for repairs…
You still need to
Replace this roof before selling if any mortgage is involved.

Are you trying to disguise the roof and fool the new buyer?
If so, you may clean the whole roof and paint it.
You can do it yourself or pay the roofer more to
Do it for you.


@roof-lover–We live in the East Village, and a neighbor had a party on our roof. There were broken bottles and a sharp object protruding from it. The contractor was hired to do a repair. However, the quote included the items listed above, including recalling, removing all debris, cleaning ponding areas, examining ponding areas and repairing as needed.

@doni–Thank you so much for your input. That is what we feel, too. The repair is bad, and none of the other services we paid for were performed. We were looking to extend, yes.

To you two and the broader community, can’t we just clean it and Gaco or Henry’s 100% silicone on it and be done for 50 years?


We are not planning on moving. We are buying!


No further comments. :):grinning:


You are beyond Silicone. Silicone extends the life of a good roof. Your best bet is to replace it now, then when it is still in good seversible condition use silicone to extend its life.


Nothing out of a bucket will last 50 yrs. Hell, no flat roof system will last that long except maybe an old school pitch BUR.


Got it. Gaco rep told me it could go on an old roof. Is that because it gets hot under the silicone and the roof continues to deteriorate? I’m not sure I understand why silicone can’t prevent further deterioration.


Gaco rep wants to sell you gaco product. Simple as that.


Coatings prolong life, that roof has nothing to prolong.


Well put, Pat. 100% agree.


There is more than one way to skin a cat, some ways are prettier than others.

The repair is bad looking, but what did you expect, its an older roof. You should have been like, “Well, we want this area to look like a beautiful garden in the spring time, with sunsets.” And see how much someone would want to do the work for you. Lol I see some of the spots where there might be a problem so just contact your roofer if it does leak. If you don’t want to pay up before he fixes, demand he fix the spot with the corner of the patch separating and the one that is folded over making a flap. They warrantied it right? Make him fix any interior damage there might be, or take him to court. I hope your paperwork is in order. It is a lot of liability to repair roofs like this so a lot of roofers won’t touch it unless there is money in it. Unless their warranty doesn’t mean anything, then you get deal. If you are really concerned about some spots, like the gap in your tile cap where the concrete has separated from the tile, no worries there actually, get some NP1 caulk and apply it at the seams. Be liberal with it, fill them holes. It comes in several different colors or just clear if you want. That will cost you less than $50 and a couple hours to do it thoroughly.

Fixing ponding issues on a flat roof, oy vey. It is easier to do it during an entire roof replacement. You can fix a big depression yes, but it might find another area to go to. And you have to tear off just a small part of the roof, build it up, and re-roof that area. You end up adding seams to the old roof which might not seal properly depending on the repairer.

All in All, did you go with the cheapest bid?


In the end, we went with the mid- to high-end bid. This is work that I could have done better myself as a layperson. I don’t want it to look good, but they clearly didn’t care about their work. There was no surface prep, the patches were inappropriately applied, and they didn’t do what they put in their proposal, including caulking.

I am a layperson. I’m a people doctor, not a roof doctor. But even I can see that this is clearly deficient.

And there is no one here who is going to step up to defend 100% silicone on an old roof?


No support for sillycone on a roof that’s shot.


I can’t comment on the cost but what you have there is legitimate repairs made on an old roof.

There is only so much that can be done and what matters here is that it stopped leaking.


Even if we paid them to remove and replace the caulk, which they didn’t do?
Even if we paid them to clean and inspect the ponding areas, which they didn’t do?
Even if we paid them to clean debris from the roof, which they didn’t do?

Don’t you think that anyone in any profession should do quality work and complete the projects on their quote?

I feel like no one loves their jobs any more.


You wasted some money on that roof, but if the leaks stopped they didn’t do any wrong. If your upset about something ,call them and ask them to correct it. That roof is past it’s life expectancy, so don’t expect anything to be perfect.