How/Where do I find sub crews?



I am a new business and have signed quite a few new projects and am in need of a sub crew to install current ready to go projects. How and where do I go to find licensed sub crews with WC and GL insurances??

Thank you for any of the help you offer!


I used craigslist and got quite a few replies in a week or so. Sounds like you should of found subcontractors before getting the work. That’s what i have done. i have 3 subcontractors with references and pictures with prices. Most with give you a quote per square with price differences for steeper slope, layer tear off and decking. goodluck!


Thanks Icon, I have recently waited at a few supply houses and meet a few crews that do a lot of sub work. I will verify their experience and insurances before we begin. I found the work first because I have learned time is best spent generating revenue in the beginning of a new business. I recently learned, as in since this post, that is is easier to find crews when you have a lot of work ready to go than the hypothetical promise of future work. But there is more than one way to skin a cat. Thank you for the answer.


You could also go to your local roofing and siding supplier and ask them about the local sub crews.


Not sure where you are located, but this is not the best time of year to find sub crews. The good ones will be booked solid, the ones that are not …there is probably a reason.