How to remove peel and stick


Does anyone know of the best way to remove peel and stick from a deck? The peel and stick was put on about two weeks ago.


What brand is it?

Have you tried to remove it yet?

Since it’s been cold it should pull off with little resistance.


GAF haven’t tried yet


Peel and stick ice shield or flat roofing?


4/12 pitch it’s a double wide. Cheap GAF peel and stick.


Cutting it into small strips before you start peeling it up helps sometimes (but not always). Why does it need to be removed?


That’s a good idea. The deck wasn’t nailed off to code.


Is it just peel and stick underlay? If it is, nail the sheets off right through it and add another layer.


Yeah I’d just do what patchap said in that scenario.


That’s why you need to know the building codes before you start a project and then you will not run into a situation like this good luck


Usually you dont remove the ice and water shield
Because you cant.


Hope we find out how it was dealt with.
That Gaf stuff doesnt come off.
You will ruin your back trying to remove it.
It would be encouraging to hear otherwise but
I Dont Think So…

I would run my knife along the very peak
All the way across so you can see the middle of each truss.
Then do the same thing across the top of the
First run of plywood at the bottom.
Now you can see the trusses clearly and pop lines
It might be easier to find the truss on the bottom
But that is a way to do it if the soffit and fascial is all covered up.


Try turpentine, it dissolves most adhesives


How would one go about applying turpentine to the peel & stick in such a way as to remove it while at the same time not making a horrific mess?


So will gas, but that doesn’t sound like a good idea either. Turpentine Might dissolve it, but anything in it came in contact with would be permanently black including yourself. House would smell for weeks.


slowly…with trial and error
try spraying over a small area on a cool day and see how effective the turps travels through the adhesive allowing you to peel off
There is no quick way if you discount dynamite.


I’d just rip off and replace the decking before I tried to use a chemical.


Thanks for the feed back.