How to Charge for a 22 squares of tile relay, Rotten Fascia and new Flashing?


Hi every one new to the website…
I have a customer that wants a new underlayment on his tile roof. he wants me to fix about 80 feet of rotten Fascia with paint and fix any decking that is rotten once the tile have been removed.
The 2 story property dose not currently have drip edge so he wants me to install that with the new underlayment.

How would you guys charge the for a job like this. I’m a new business owner I know the work but I’m quite new to prices.


Is it terracotta or concrete tile?. We only relay terracotta. If the tile does not go to the ground we charge pretty much our square price for new tile minus the material. Then we add x amount of replacement tile in the initial bid at a fixed price depending on the tile and a line in the contract that states x$ Per tile over x# of tile. Then we break all the valleys and flashings out in lineral foot amounts the same we do on a new install, the same with facia. If we paint it is always t&m. Just how we handle slate and tile relays. Really depends on the condition of tile and how cut up the roof is. If somebody started putting muck on the roof the numbers can go fast. If the tile can’t be stored on jacks and has to go to the ground and back up the # is more than a new install.


Thanks for the fast replay it really means a lot to me!!

Sorry I forgot to mention it is Gable Roof with a Terracotta S Tile, it dose have 2 valleys 12 feet.


Just keep in mind salvaged field tile are cheap, trim pieces… Eave closures, rake closures, caps ECT cab be hard to find and cost 5x or more what a field tile costs