How many roof layers is this?


I am getting a quote for a roof tear-off, and wanted to calculate how many existing roofs are on the house. The guy said there are 5 roofs, and I thought that I counted 3. Is there an easy way to deduce how many roof layers exist based on this cutout at a skylight in the attic?

There is a base wood shake layer, and the asphalt shingle layers. It appears to be 2 different colors for the asphalt shingle layers, which made me think it was 2 asphalt shingle roofs.

If you are knowledgeable in being able to calculate from this view, it would be hugely helpful. Thanks.


from her it looks to be three but they can be deceiving. Skylights are
generally flashed after they are mounted to the roof deck. so with this
skylight showing the 3 layers underneath it likely has at least one layer
on top and possibly a a second that would equate to 5 layers. when the
skylight was installed it was attached right onto these three layers and
flashed into the next layer going on.
I have ripped off roofs with 7 layers and get 3 or 4 pretty commonly so I
would not say 5 layers is out of the question and it is likely, but you
wouldn’t be able to tell 100 percent from this inside picture exactly how
many layers.

Ricky Southers


Southers Construction, Inc



One layer of wood shakes and three layers of shingles.
That is what is under the skylight.
We dont know what is over the skylight flashing

So yes, this pic confirms 5 layers at least.
That is ridiculous!


It looks like 4 to me. One layer of wood shingles and three asphalt. However as Southers said, its hard to be 100% without seeing them in person.


Not wood shakes, shingles! See there is no felt. I agree prob 5 layers or more