How do you prepare shop drawings?


When your spec calls for the submission of shop drawings of the roof, including sheet layout, how do you do it? Does someone sell a drawing tool that includes a template for sheet layout?


I’m not sure if anyone sells one with sheet lay outs and details ect. We draw our own using SmartDraw Once you get use to it, it works pretty well. Scale can be changed and ect. What we did was make some different scale templates and go from there. Also make templates for units, tapered ISO, and anything else on the roof and you can just copy and paste them where they need to go.

It has a free trial and you will probably use most of the trial up trying to figure it out. I’m sure some where someone sells one, it may be more like a rental program like some of the suppliers use for tapered plans and such.


shop drawings usually can be done by your supplier. they are cad drawings. There a blueprint of what you propose to do. You can do them on a computer or get them out of a book but book drawings are usually generic. ever your material manufacture has them for you to use.


i always use to get my roofing shop drawings done. They are very affordable and then I don’t have to worry about wasting my time doing it. I tried to learn one time but got frustrated after about 2 days of getting nowhere.


Call your supplier or manufacturers rep. They handle that in most cases.


I always used autocad LT to do my shop drawings if the manufacturer was unable to do it. This past year I have found myself too busy to do all the work that came up. I got really jammed up and almost lost a multi million dollar job over a set of shop drawings. I came to this forum and clicked the link from roofman. Thanks a lot roofman. They had my set done in 4 days and I did not lose the job. I still do most of my own shops but when I get too jammed up or mine get rejected more than once I use them. They are really high quality roofing shop drawings.


Wow, that’s awesome because I use him as well, and he’s very reasonable and gets them to you pretty quick. I’ve used a bunch of different people over the years and by far the best. I think the guy has roofing experience because when I talk to him he knows what I’m talking about, half these guys are clueless. Def worth using