How do I find roof manufacturer?


Homeowner installed 50 year miami dade approved shingles in 2005. They never sealed. The entire back side of the roof blew off during Irma. The shingles are all whole…just ripped off from nails. See pics. Anyone recognize the type?






Certainteed Landmark.


It did seal.
The shingles blew off because of improper nailing.
Very very Common.
It will last for years,
But wont last its intended Lifespan.
By the way, a “50 year” shingle should last around 20 years if it was done to perfection in florida.


Roof lover is correct. Yes it was an issue with improper nailing more so than the shingles sealing. I find it incredible unlikely that you will get anything out of the manufacturer. And those shingles look to have another 10 years life max (I am being generous with that estimate).


The nails appear to be in the approved nailing area.

The nails aren’t in the double thickness part though and the winds likely exceeded what they warranty anyway.


Yes every shingle type has it’s wind resistance limit. The wind maybe strong enough to tore your roof.


It was nailed in the nail zone, lower section, as recommended by the mfg. Also, the nails were plenty long enough. Neighbors surrounding the home had their roofs replaced in the same year, some with “30” year, some with “50” year. None of them were damaged. None of them. Here are a few more pics.



The nails still should have been nailed in the double thickness area IMO. Also they may have even had their pressure set too high and the nails blew through. That is what I am guessing happened if no other roofs in your area were damaged. Good luck trying to get anything out of the manufacturer.


Yep, i agree that no matter how high nailed the manufactuer says is ok or acceptable,
You should always strive for the fasteners to be in the double thickness area.
Any where else is chance for blowoffs on steeper roofs or leaking on lower pitch roofs.

With each brand of shingle you install,
Look at the back of the shingle first and see where the double thickness ends.


Our company policy is to always nail through double thickness, has been that way before I have been around. Now when we go back, 30years later, l and sell the same customer there next roof all the shingles are right where they were when they were installed.

Yes it’s a pain in the ass sometimes and takes more precision and patience…but that’s also why we charge more than guys using cheap subs.

We have some company in the area advertising on the radio for the past few weeks “all roofs done in one day”, like they are a carpet company or something. Just my opinion but that is not the advertising stagarity I would go with. Quality work takes time.


Also just noticed that your roof was installed on top of an existing roof. While not always, but most times companies who offer roof overs are not usually ones who offer top quality installs.


Yep, an improperly nailed roof might not blow off in higher winds sticking to some sticky
Asphalt saturated felt.
But nailed over some old granually shingles??
Forget about it…

I just love the sound my feet makes as you walk across asphalt saturated felt.
You can hear your feet unsticking as you lift your foot with each step.
I love the sound of the roll as you unroll it and it is unsticking from itself.
It is giving me confidence my shingles have something a lil something to stick to.


Hindsight - 20-20.
Dennis Heller


Right there with you roof lover nothing beats a good quality 30#… Shingles stick to it but more importantly your feet as you are installing.


That was my initial love affair with asphalt saturated felt. The fact of me and my men not slipping on the roof even with slightly dirty shoes.

But now through the years, i see it as SO much more!

And it doesnt Have to be 30# either.
I have enountered several good asphalt saturated D226 15# FELT.
The very best being Atlas.
I think i cried when i heard they are no longer making it
Because all you bastards buying the synthetic.