How do I add pitch break in xactimate


So I am getting the hang of sketching roofs then I try to do a pitch break and am completely lost. Can anybody help with this there is also a dormer that comes off the lower pitch section otherwise I would just cheat it by adding a shed/flat roof off the high pitch area.


I use a dotted line to denote a pitch transition, sometimes additional notation but the dotted line is usually adequate.


Make a rectangle for the first section, set its parameters, then make a gable roof the size you need, then the middle should allow you to move up the roof. I think. Its been a while since I’ve sketched.


Gable roof should be directly on top of the transitioned portion. On the screen wise.


You have to adjust the elevation height of the roof section you’re sliding on top of the 12 pitch slope. See photos below.

First, butt up the flat roof section to the eave of the 12 pitch and the eave of the roof on the right. Pull the handle on the roof section to pull it up onto the 12 pitch. By default, the top edge is at a higher elevation than the 12 pitch to begin with. If you need it to go higher (or lower) on the 12 pitch, you adjust the height. You also have to pay attention to the pitch. The pitch on that flat slope will automatically change on you as you pull the handles to make the rafter lengths change. You can lock that if you wish to a certain pitch.

When you have it where you want it on the 12 pitch slope, pull the handle to the right to have it go over on the gable extension to the right. It will do so and form a new valley.

When you have that completed, click the little button on the bottom right corner of the sketch screen. That will take you to the 3D view where you can check how it looks. You can then add that back gable extension. You may have to adjust the height of the eaves on it as well dependent on what you ended up doing with the flat roof.

On the 4th image, I increased the height so the flat roof would come up higher onto the 12 pitch slope.




The better solution yet is to either order a RoofSnap sketch or get a RoofSnap subscription and sketch in RoofSnap. Way easier than Xactimate sketch IMHO. If you do that, just make sure to pay the extra $5 and get the NearMap aerial images. Don’t try sketching off the horrible Google Satellite images that are standard. RoofSnap will sketch them for you and are relatively cheap and very good. Turn around in less than 24 hours, often, a couple of hours.