Homeowner Re-roofing questions


Do I need to leave expansion gap for fascia boards?

I am trying both 45 miter joints and butt joints. I am not sure which is better

Do I use the same roofing nails for drip edge and W-valley metal?

When you use Landmark Pro shingles, do you use Shadow Ridge or Mountain Ridge caps? One vendor stock Mountain Ridge but have to special order Shadow Ridge.
Certainteed rep told me that Shadow Ridge is designed to be use with Landmark and Landmark Pro.

Thanks all for your help.


Shadow Ridge or cedar crest.


Is 28 gauge for W-metal ok? Supplier can also get it in 26 gauge.

Should I get 18" or 24" W-valley metal?

Do you use galvanized drip edge or aluminum? One vendor gave me aluminum in quote. If aluminum, I would need to get aluminum nails.

Suppliers gave me quote for Landmark Pro as 3 bd/sq or 4 bd/sq. Most gave me 4 bd/sq.
Certainteed rep told me for Landmark and Landmark Pro they are 3 bd/sq and Landmark Premium is 4 bd/sq.
Why the descrepancy?

Thank you for your time.


What is the pitch of the roof? 24" valley metal won’t hurt anything, gague is up to you.

Steel or aluminum drip also up to you, steel is defently heavier duty, you don’t need aluminum nails if using aluminum edge.

Landmark pro 3 to a sq, premium is 4. You would be able to tell if you were being quoted pro vs premium, here it is around 40$ sq difference.



Roof pitch is 4/12.

Landmark Pro is about $20 more than Landmark for my area.



Here it is only 8 but premiums are like 150 a sq. 4/12. 24" valleys good investment in my opinion