Holes in plywood under shingles


Hello, I am brand new to this community. I appreciate any insight you can give me.
I just had my roof replaced about a month ago and I just went into my attic space for the first time since the replacement and I have significant holes in the plywood that were not there prior to the replacement. Some of these holes are easily 6 x 4 inches. I can clearly see the roof sheet ( probably not the right term) that the shingles sit on top of. My question is

  1. Is this roof going to be properly protected
  2. Do these holes void any warranty
  3. Do I need to contact roofers and have new plywood put down?

Thanks for any advice. !

I have attached picture


Do I think they will every realistically cause a problem, no. Do I think its sloppy workmanship, definatly.


They should at least put some sheet metal over the holes, I think it should be fine but later after a few years the shingles may start to sink into the void in the decking but probably not


It makes you wonder how in the hell did that come about?

When I see stupid stuff I try to see the reasoning behind it and how that human was thinking at the time.

It’s an exercise in futility.


I notice that the pictures show holes at the ridge. That could be a problem. Don’t see any nails so what is holding the ridge in place at those big holes?


Is this something that I should contact the roofers that did the job about or is this something I should contact my insurance agent. I don’t want to have problems with the roof down the road or have a roof that the insurance company won’t repair if I get storm damage. This roof was just put on about 30 days ago!


I wouldn’t contact your insurance, if you have storm damage it will have absolutely nothing to do with these holes. Its really your call if you want to make an issue about it to your roofer. As I said, I think the likelihood of it ever causing an issue is next to nothing but it would annoy me that they made those holes for no good reason (as far as I can tell).

Why did you choose the roofer you did? If you went with a cheap roofer I’d say you got with you paid for. What was your experience with this company. Did it happen any thing like this? A well dressed “project manager” show up and give you a great speech about the “roofing system” his company installs and tell you about a super amazing lifetime warranty (b.s.). Next a crew shows up to do the job (maybe immigrants maybe Americans) with no sign of the original guy till its time to pick up the check?


The two holes are consistant with the person/supplier when loading the roof shingles being a little too aggressive or inexperienced and dropped the bundles on the roof instead of laying them down.

Roofers/ or the supplier when handling these very heavy bundles
Should learn to drop their bundles on the roof softly.

I would say as long as the roofer didnt shoot any nails through these spots where the wood got knocked out
That you will be ok.

This issue is something that should be at least complained about so that the roof loading person responsible will learn that he did do damage to the roof sheeting and will try not to do it again.

OSB sheeting is especially sensitive to this when the decking doesnt meet together at the peak
Because the original sheeting installers didnt do it
Or the peak hole has been cut out in order to install ridge venting.


I’m wondering if this roof section was built on the ground and craned into place.


To answer some of the questions
The new roof was installed as a result of storm damage done so choice of contractor was not based on cost. They seemed reputable.
Much of the work was done by immigrants
Project manager was around quite a bit through the process and the owner also called several times to check on progress.
Roof was built on frame not raised by crane.
Holes were not there prior to re- roofing


I would give them a call, probably not aware there subs or even there own guys damaged some deck. It’s at the top of the roof so easy enough to pop a few shingles off, replace the osb, and put some the shingles back. Not big problem or hard to correct.


Was your ridgevent made of metal previous to the new roof?


To be honest I don’t remember, but I don’t think I saw plastic sheeting in the middle with the previous roof. I do know that I have two fairly good size gable vents