Help with re-roofing


Hi, and HELP
I am having to roof over, I tore off the first and ran into another, this is a first and very hard job for me, this is a flat roof with roll on roofing. My question…do I have to tear off that other roof or can I go over it? Oh I saw the 7 out of 7 to the other…you guys scare me Lol and yes it leaks.
Thank you


Some pictures would help and what type of Material is it? My personal rule for flats even if they don’t leak is tear it all off. If it leaks already there is moisture in it and you cannot go over it with another layor.

Moisture will become trapped between the new and the old and can cause a multitude of problems including the deck continuing to rot, blisters, and not adhearing properly.

If you want the new roof to last anywhere near normal life life span do yourself a favor and tear it all off.


It’s a asphalt roll on roofing. I was really hoping you wouldn’t say that, the first one came up pretty easy but not really for me but the 2nd one is really sealed tight. Sadly because of personal reasons I paid someone that does side work to fix it for me, 3 days later a storm came, it was leaking 50% worse…the guy wont come back and honestly after lookingat the roof myself after watching so many DIY videos I see he was no roofer and I don’t want him back so im forced to do this myself. He put tons of nails and liquid cement in the skylight flashing I can’t even get it off. Im selling the house and I sure cant sell it like this. So is there any other option to not having to remove the other roofing? Anything


Oh and Thank you for your fast reply, I really appreciate that.


I’m sorry I failed to mention after watching all the videos I believe the initial problem may have been a bad drip edge and the rain was running under the edge…because it was leaking water into the top windows of the sunroom below which is almost right under the edge of the roof. But now he created another issue with all these nails and cement.


Remove the wood that the old roofing is stuck to and replace it, wood is cheap compared to the aggravation of trying to get that old stuff off.


Ok Oh boy…I know this is a dumb question but consider the source, im a 60 yr old women never did this before, can you please tell me how I start with that or should I watch more roofing videos? I can’t just take a electric saw up there so im not sure how to get to the wood underneath, but it makes sence im guessing the wood needs replaced anyway. Sorry for the questions


Ok…this probably sounds crazy but…when it leaked part of the ceiling fell in on me when I closed the door before I realized what had happened. I cleaned that up and pulled the insulation out of the ceiling to look at it, the plywood is exposed between the beams, should I just text something and knock through there to produce a hole in the plywood to give me a place to start, I might be 60 but I’m still a little strong oh, just a thought again could be a crazy one. Omg…can’t believe im considering any of this. But again I have no choice.


Tearing up decking with low slope roofing stuck to it is not a job for a 60 yr old Lady, most 60 yr old Men either.


Before you get ahead of yourself, how big is the roof? Pictures would help. You mentioned a skylight, defiantly need picture to steer you in right direction on that. Make sure you watch videos and fully understand how to flash the skylight, they are very leak prone.


Ok Thank you… Its 16×18
I’ll see what pictures I have, we’ve had rain so I have it tarped. Yes 2 skylights and he really made a mess of them.


And Axiom I agree but I have to do something, I didn’t expect to find what I did once I got up there and tore up what he did and another roofing layer.
I know…im in trouble


Ok Guys im sending what I have, im not sure this can help because I tore all this up. I don’t have pictures of the last layer of roofing yet it started raining so I had to rush and tarp it.
The big black half circle of cement the idiot put down is where the leak is.
Incoming… Uhggg


It’s not allowing me to send pictures because I’m new



Even if you were capable of doing all the physically hard work yourself that roof is about as far from diy friendly as you can get. You are better off tarping the whole thing until you can save up enough money for a pro.


I am right there with island. Absolutely not a FIT project. The roof and the skylights need to come off, curbs need to be built up taller, the new roof needs to be installed and curbs properly flashed, then new skylights need to be installed on curbs. Unfortunately you have a big mess, I do flats that size in that condition all the time, normally 3 guys 2 days, not something you want to try to tackle on your own.


Sorry DIY not FIT…


One way to save yourself some money and headaches down the road would be to consider eliminating the skylights.


Ok I really appreciate all your help Guys and I guess I made it worse by tearing all that off.
Except for the other layer of roofing and skylights.
I wish I had those options, unfortunately I don’t.
Thank you so much for your time and advice.